The scale of the UK infrastructure challenge

The delivery of UK infrastructure projects has a huge impact on our political, economic, social and technological development. We are canvassing views from across the infrastructure sector to find out how we can improve the delivery of UK infrastructure. 

On 13 June, we are launching a report at the National Infrastructure Forum. If you would like us to send you the report, along with related news and insight, please fill in our pre-order form.

The report draws on insight from:

in-depth interviews with leaders across the infrastructure sector on what can be done to deliver UK infrastructure more efficiently
Infrastructure Intelligence survey responses from industry decision makers, ranging from infrastructure procurement to delivery
YouGov survey responses from members of the general public on their perceptions of infrastructure delivery in the UK
perspectives on infrastructure

Canvassing views from industry leaders

We’re looking to bring together all stakeholders in the procurement and delivery of the UK’s infrastructure and ask them ‘What can we do more efficiently?’ and ‘How do we make that happen?’
Will Gard, Burges Salmon, 2017

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