29 April 2024

My experience

The Beacon Music Centre in Southmead is a playful, inclusive space for everyone to build confidence, learn skills and celebrate togetherness through music.

When we arrived at the centre, we were divided into groups and allocated different tasks to complete as part of our morning activities. I spent the morning clearing litter and cutting back hedges whilst others participated in tasks such as building garden furniture and power washing. After stopping for lunch, we then changed up the tasks, throughout the afternoon I built bird boxes whilst others painted and cut back hedges.

I really enjoyed the day; it was a fantastic opportunity to work with members of the team outside of the usual office environment. The day involved tasks that I would not encounter in my regular role which provided opportunities for my skill development, such as teamwork and problem-solving, which are valuable for my professional growth.

It was rewarding to know that we will make a meaningful difference in the lives of others and contribute to their community.

Since the day, we have kept in touch with the Beacon staff, and it was fulfilling to know how much our help has meant to them.

“The volunteers and resources Burges Salmon provided were an invaluable catalyst for this project. The volunteers brought heaps of energy and made a big impact on the day. Thanks to them we can really see the beginnings of an accessible, welcoming space where music sessions that build confidence and encourage expression through music can be held.” – Kate Smith, Development Manager at Bristol Beacon.


All in all, the Marketing team’s volunteering day was much more than just a day off from the office; it was an opportunity to come together with colleagues to make a positive impact and create lasting change in the community.

This article was written by Digital Marketing Apprentice, Amelia Hawkins.

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