19 May 2022

This article was written by Isabel Rawlings

International Women’s Day and “BBalanced”

During my Training Contract, I have been involved with Burges Salmon's Diversity & Inclusion network, BBalanced. The network champions gender equality and works to advance gender balance across the firm.

March was a lively month for BBalanced due to the annual occurrence of International Women's Day ("IWD"), a global celebration of women, women's history and achievements in society. I was honoured to speak on the panel at the firm's IWD panel event, "The Big Ask", themed #breakthebias.

The panel was formed of wonderful women from across the firm, each with a story to tell. I enjoyed sharing my career experiences so far and my journey that has led me to my Training Contract.

Being on the panel, listening to others' stories and being amongst a crowd of women and men supporting each other to embrace who they are and become their most confident selves in the workplace was something really special.

What I learned

The three key takeaways from the panel discussion that will stick with me throughout my career are:

  1. To say "yes" to opportunities as they arise - don't shy away from a challenge
  1. To learn on those around you for support - there is a wealth of knowledge and friendship around you, so use it
  1. To not "pull up the ladder" for those behind you - share your wisdom and champion others

D&I at the firm

The panel event was one of the first big in-person events hosted by the firm since the pandemic began. As a result, the atmosphere was full of energy and excitement about connecting in real life. The Atrium came into its own when the panel came to a close and the BBalanced signature Cosmopolitan cocktails started flowing, with the sound of a female string-quartet echoing through the room.

There is always something to look forward to at Burges Salmon, and I recommend to all current and incoming trainees to get involved with the D&I networks to enrich your experience, network with colleagues and make your contribution to the firm's important D&I strategy.

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