31 May 2024

Our mental health/mental wellbeing is a very personal and changeable thing.  At times it may cause us no concern whatsoever, but there may also be times where we need to address how we are fairing and during these times, we may want to seek out some support, consider making some changes or investigate something new.

I have been with the firm for nearly 17 years and in that time I have experienced quite a lot of change!  One big change has been the acknowledgement, engagement and support that the firm makes to mental health and wellbeing. 

There has been the training and introduction of Mental Health First Aiders, our BWell commitment, an annual Wellbeing Week, the introduction of HeadSpace and easily accessible support, to name but a few!

The firm recognises that “our people are key to the firm’s current and future success as a business” and therefore strives to provide whatever support may be required.

My experience

So, what does looking after our mental health look like?

We are all individual, so this can mean very different things for different people.  Personally, I am an exerciser – I know that if I have had a day where I have felt “chained to my desk” and have not done something active at some point throughout the day, then my mood will be considerably different to days when I have headed over to Castle Park for PT Troops (on a Tuesday lunchtime if anyone is interested), or taken the dog for a walk when I get home on an evening.

But you don’t have to exercise, if that is not your thing – you could read a book, listen to a podcast, go and see a show, cook, dance, sing, do whatever it is that makes you happy and feel good. 

Now for the scientific bit! By doing something that you enjoy, your body creates endorphins (the feel good hormones) which in turn can help relieve pain, reduce stress and improve your sense of wellbeing!


So if you know what makes you feel good, set some time aside to do more of it, or if you are wanting to give something new a go, why not take a look at what the firm has to offer – on the intranet, the BWell section of the People Zone gives a wealth of useful information and the BSocial Zone highlights some of the many activities that you can get involved in, so why not give something a go and make steps to taking care of you!

This article was written by Zia Duval.

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