14 December 2022

This article was written by Louise Duggan, Women’s Work Lab Mum.

Going on Work Experience can be very daunting but imagine doing it as an adult and a mum. Wait! Work experience as an adult? Yes that’s what I have been spending the last month doing here at Burges Salmon.

Being a mum is a fantastic thing but like many parents, I always found it hard juggling school runs/pick up, home and working. Add in the price of childcare and many parents are priced out of the work market. I really wanted to return to work but didn’t know how and also didn’t want to return to my previous career- I wanted a job that would work for me and my family. Did such a thing exist? I then heard about the Women’s Work Lab (WWL), a programme in the South West that supports mums on benefits to return to work through a 12 week programme of work skills and a 4 week work placement, all during school hours. I applied, was interviewed and couldn’t believe it when I was picked to join the Bristol programme from the high number of applications they receive. 

My request for the work placement was for something completely new and different to my previous roles so WWL matched me with Burges Salmon. I was really nervous on my first day as I had never worked in a law but both WWL and Burges Salmon took into consideration my previous experience, qualifications and interests to put together a schedule for me that was not only interesting but also gave me many opportunities to use my pre-existing skills. Working 9:30-2:30 meant I could do the school drop off, be there for pick up and work too! This wasn’t just for me, Burges Salmon are a family friendly employer who offer a lot of flexibility and work options for their people. I have been based in the People Team learning about all the different roles as well as the diversity and Inclusion initiatives throughout the whole company. I have met so many people from all levels/departments as well as had the opportunity to work on a project currently taking place and complete some short training modules. WWL and Burges Salmon have taught me a lot about different work opportunities I could return to do as well as raised my self-esteem and confidence. It has been an amazing experience.


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