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Bristol TechFin: demystifying the future of technology and financial services

There is a real need to demystify the tech infrastructural challenges and opportunities. We sum up the buzz from the inaugural Bristol TechFin – where the only constant is change.
16 November 2017

UK government introduces Data Protection Bill to Parliament – what are the key changes?

The government has published its Data Protection Bill. The Bill will prepare the UK’s laws for the digital age and give citizens more control over their privacy. We look at the key changes.
06 October 2017

European Commission publishes its post-Brexit stance on data protection

The European Commission's position paper on data protection and information flows suggests that Britain needs to abide by EU data protection laws or destroy personal data gathered prior to Brexit.
27 September 2017

UK government publishes position paper on data protection following Brexit

Following Brexit, the UK government seeks to play a leading role in setting data protection standards, working alongside the EU to create arrangements to allow the continued flow of personal data.
14 September 2017

Get ready for GDPR: cross-border data transfers

What steps can you take now to prepare for the new GDPR rules on cross-border data transfers?
05 September 2017

ICO publishes updated Subject Access Code of Practice

The ICO has reviewed its guidelines on Subject Access Requests. While not legally binding, the guidance sets out steps for organisations to take to comply with the UK data protection legislation.
30 August 2017

Subject access request successful for judge's notes from employment tribunal ruling

The Ministry of Justice has released a judge's handwritten notes to a claimant in order to challenge a ruling. This appears to be the first successful data request from a courtroom.
21 August 2017

Digital Single Market strategy: cross-border portability for online content regulation

From 20 March 2018 consumers who pay for online content services (such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video) can access the same content when visiting another country in the EU.
28 July 2017

Brexit and the EU data protection package: House of Lords EU Committee publish report

The House of Lords EU Committee has published a report which looks at how changes to the EU’s data protection laws will affect data transfers between the UK and EU after the UK leaves the EU.
27 July 2017

GDPR: pension trustees need to act in response to coming changes in data protection law

UK data protection law will change from 25 May 2018 to make it fit for a digital era. The changes are driven by EU law but will go ahead in the UK whatever form Brexit takes.
21 June 2017

Innovate Finance reports on the outcome of its Industry Sandbox Consultation

Innovate Finance's report on an industry sandbox suggests exciting opportunities ahead for UK fintech.
07 June 2017

Distributed ledger technology: FCA publishes Discussion Paper

The regulator's Discussion Paper on distributed ledger technology shows its commitment to better engage with UK fintech and highlights some key issues in the technology's development.
30 May 2017
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