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Corporate fraud in the UK: Is reform of the ‘directing mind and will’ test imminent?

Given the SFO Director’s recent description of the UK’s system for prosecuting corporate fraud as ‘antiquated’, is reform of the law in this area now imminent?

25 February 2020

The Serious Fraud Office: priorities, powers and predictions post-ENRC

We explore the impact on the SFO of the Court of Appeal’s recent decision on privilege, summarise its priorities, recap its powers and offer our predictions on enforcement.
03 October 2018

Litigation privilege: Court of Appeal makes landmark decision in SFO v ENRC

The decision in SFO v ENRC has expanded the availability of litigation privilege in the conduct of investigations. We examine the case, its implications and what it means for businesses
10 September 2018

Enhanced due diligence and high-risk third countries: five things to do

This briefing summarises which countries are deemed ‘high-risk’ in respect of money laundering and what steps to take when dealing with clients and transactions in those countries.
31 July 2018

Five things to do if your business is the victim of cybercrime

Businesses face more threats in their cyber environment than ever. This guide outlines types of cybercrime and practical steps to take if your business is the victim of a cyber attack.
29 June 2018

Corporate crime: tips for prevention and investigation

Following our recent Preventing Corporate Crime seminars with Jonathan Fisher QC, we set out some key recommendations for the prevention and investigation of corporate crime.
30 May 2018

Financial services, bribery and the adequate procedures defence

In light of R v Skansen, financial services firms should ensure that they have the adequate procedures and the required systems and controls to prevent bribery. 

15 May 2018

First case on Bribery Act’s 'adequate procedures' defence: five things you need to know

The 'adequate procedures' defence under the Bribery Act 2010 has been tested in the courts for the first time. We examine the case of R v Skansen Interiors and set out key practical recommendations.
20 March 2018

Privilege in investigations: a new hope?

The case of Bilta v RBS provides some assistance to businesses seeking to assert privilege over documentation created during the course of their internal investigations.
08 March 2018

Proving fraud in complex cases: new guidelines

The case of Kazakhstan Kagazy plc v Zhunus provided useful guidelines on what is required to prove a complex fraud. We summarise the guidelines below.
05 February 2018

Unexplained Wealth Orders: what you need to know

Unexplained Wealth Orders are now in force, requiring individual suspects of serious crime to explain the source of their wealth.
30 January 2018

The UK's new anti-corruption strategy: five practical changes

The UK government has published its new strategy in respect of anti-corruption policies and actions over the next five years. Here are the five key things you need to know.
03 January 2018
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