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ASA announces that from June harmful gender stereotyping in adverts will be banned

Following its 2017 review into gender stereotypes in adverts, the ASA has announced its plan to ban harmful gender stereotyping in advertising from June 2019.

14 January 2019

General Court upholds decision rejecting ST ANDREWS marks

The General Court has dismissed St Andrews Links’ appeal of the EUIPO’s rejection of its application for the mark ST ANDREWS in relation to the majority of Class 41 services applied for.
04 January 2019

What is unfair advantage? Argos has its trade mark infringement claim dismissed

The Court of Appeal has held that a financial advantage derived from Google AdSense advertisements did not take unfair advantage of the distinctive character or repute of Argos’ trade mark.  
13 December 2018

Cadbury comes out on top in its latest trade mark battle with Nestlé

The CJEU has annulled the EUIPO’s decision that Nestlé’s 3D KitKat mark had acquired distinctiveness across the EU.
17 August 2018

Christian Louboutin’s fight to protect his signature ‘red sole’ trade mark

The European Court of Justice decides that Louboutin’s trade mark does not fall within one of the absolute grounds of refusal.
11 July 2018

GDPR challenges: intellectual property rights

GDPR's impact is already being felt in the courts. ICANN's publication of personal data on the WHOIS domain name registry is now in the spotlight.
02 July 2018

BeeMoved: company not liable for passing off for a misstatement on a third party website

The Court of Appeal has held that BeeMoved was not liable for passing off where, without its knowledge, a third party website reverted to old (and incorrect) wording.

02 July 2018

ISPs should not pay to implement website-blocking injunctions

The Supreme Court has overturned earlier decisions in Cartier v British Telecoms & others, finding that ISPs should not have to bear costs of implementing website-blocking injunctions.
27 June 2018

Glencairn Crystal fails to cut glass rival from market

Whisky glass ruling illustrates the high threshold of ‘irreparable harm’ that is needed for IP rights holders to be awarded an interim injunction pending trial.

08 May 2018

Brexit news: EU domain names under the spotlight

Under current regulations, UK individuals and businesses are entitled to register and use websites using the .eu domain. This right may disappear post-Brexit.

03 May 2018

Trade mark case: Birkenstock loses protection for its 'patterned sole' UK trade mark

This case reaffirms the difficulty in defending a sub-brand (or unconventional) trade mark and provides guidance to brand owners on how to evidence acquired distinctiveness.

24 April 2018

Shorter trials scheme: L'Oréal successful in patent and designs case

L’Oréal wins skincare device case using shorter trials procedure pilot scheme.
27 March 2018
Showing 37-48 of 128 results
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