01 October 2021

The summary

CarbonStore’s unique offering unites landowners and environmentally conscious organisations to help offset their carbon emissions by creating new woodlands and restoring degraded peatlands across the UK. Burges Salmon worked with CarbonStore to design a robust set of legal contracts to meet the unique regulatory and compliance requirements of the project. Using our expertise in this field we provided credibility and security for both parties using this innovative and market-leading service.

Why us?

CarbonStore is a division of Tilhill, part of the BSW Group of companies that also include Maelor Forest Nurseries. It was Tilhill that introduced David McCulloch, head of CarbonStore to Ross Fairley, partner and chair of the Net Zero Services team at Burges Salmon. CarbonStore was looking for a legal partner with extensive experience of forestry and tree-planting contracts that understood the sector and could navigate the complexities of the Woodland Carbon Code. CarbonStore prides itself on delivering market-leading value for landowners while also securing an honest price for companies and the legal aspect of the process is an instrumental element requiring specialist expertise.

David McCulloch, head of CarbonStore, said: “We have changed the way the market works, bringing together sellers and buyers for the first time, delivering complete transparency which is essential for the health of the long-term market. The uniqueness of this approach proved to be a challenge because we had to create new contracts tailored to both parties and engage with the regulators to ensure all legal requirements were met. Ross’s innovative and flexible approach throughout the process was superb and his experience in environmental law was vital because he recognised what was needed.”

Ross Fairley, partner at Burges Salmon, said: “We understand the importance of the carbon offset and forestry and biodiversity schemes in achieving Net Zero targets. We have been impressed with CarbonStore’s pioneering approach and were delighted to help them. Using our in-depth understanding and innovative approach we have implemented a set of professional and robust legal contracts that add further credibility to their excellent work, becoming an integral part of their future success.”

The outcome

Our partnership has brought further authority to CarbonStore’s projects thanks to our professional approach, attention to detail and track record of success. We have created a set of professionally designed contracts that enhance and protect the delivery of CarbonStore’s impressive projects for both landowners and organisations. Feedback from the first contracts used has celebrated them as the ‘first comprehensive and sophisticated contracts of their kind.


Key contact

Ross Fairley

Ross Fairley Partner

  • Energy and Utilities
  • Head of Renewable Energy
  • Environment