05 June 2020

In recognition of World Environment Day, Burges Salmon is delighted to formally announce a new collaboration with conservation charity Trees for Life that complements its other climate commitments and will see it investing in a rewilding, carbon offsetting project that will protect over 3,000 trees at Trees for Life’s acclaimed Dundreggan estate in Glenmoriston. The project is overseen and accredited by the UK Woodland Carbon Code.

The native trees are in an area of Dundreggan known as Allt Ruadh, planted as part of the restoration of the globally important Caledonian Forest, creating habitats for rare and endangered wildlife, while breathing new life into a largely treeless landscape. The forest once covered much of Scotland, but has now been reduced to a fraction of its former range.

As well as helping to rewild Dundreggan, the trees in Allt Ruadh will help to store carbon away as they grow through time. The trees will stabilise the soil and help prevent flooding further down the glens.

Burges Salmon’s Net Zero team negotiated the contracts and is helping other companies, landowners and organisations with the establishment of tree planting, biodiversity net gain and offsetting contracts and businesses.

Roger Bull, Burges Salmon’s Managing Partner, says: “We are delighted that we are able to contribute to the rewilding of the Scottish Highlands and to incrementally offset the carbon footprint associated with our energy use and business travel through nature. This supplements our commitment and existing measures to reduce our impact on the environment and to take action on the issue of climate change.

"We are proud to be founding members of the Legal Sustainability Alliance and advocates of carbon reporting and transparency. This year we will be looking to determine Science Based Targets to help direct our carbon management even further.”

Colin Mackenzie-Blackman, Head of Fundraising & Engagement at Trees for Life, says: “We are delighted to have partnered with Burges Salmon. Working with companies in this way supports our vision of a revitalised wild forest in the Scottish Highlands, to benefit the climate, people and wildlife.

"Working with companies through accredited carbon schemes in this way is a hugely positive way of taking action to address the urgent issues of climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse. They also serve as an inspiring demonstration of what businesses and landowners can achieve for the environment through collaboration.”

Trees for Life is dedicated to rewilding the Scottish Highlands. So far its volunteers have planted nearly two million native trees at 44 sites across the Highlands – tackling climate change, and encouraging wildlife to flourish and communities to thrive. See www.treesforlife.org.uk.

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