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The UK's Temporary Non-Residence Rules

Anyone leaving the UK for a short period of time should be aware of the “temporary non-residence” rules which could trigger UK tax for them on their return
08 February 2024

Building Safety: Government publish response to Building Safety Levy consultation

This article highlights key takeaways from the Government’s response to their consultation on the Building Safety Levy which provides further awaited detail on the proposed design and implementation of the Levy
07 February 2024

Levelling-up and Regeneration Act 2023 - CPO and compensation changes now in force

This article provides those involved in CPO and compensation with a breakdown of the new provisions and the implications of the changes now in force
02 February 2024

Competition in Onshore Electricity Transmission: a 2024 Update

The Competitively Appointed Transmission Owner (CATO) regime will establish a process by which entities are competitively appointed to construct, own and operate new GB electricity transmission network infrastructure. This article explains what to look out for in 2024 as the detail of the regime emerges
01 February 2024

The new General Code of Practice is here and there are some key actions for governing bodies

There are a lot of new actions for governing bodies coming out of the General Code (particularly around climate change, cyber security and their approach to risk management more generally) but it is also expected that they should be doing most of it already
31 January 2024

Sporting Clubs and VAT Exemption

Sporting businesses, including larger shoots, generally need to charge VAT on their services, meaning the business faces either passing on more cost to their clients or eating into their  bottom line. If a shoot is run in line with the exemption for sport offered by the VAT code, it may be able to not charge VAT on the shooting it provides
30 January 2024

Remedies under the Provider Selection Regime

This article considers how remedies and enforcement relating to the procurement of healthcare services has changed from 1 January 2024
26 January 2024

The Heat Network Zoning Consultation: Will you be required to connect?

These proposals will have far-reaching impacts, well beyond the people who are most directly involved in the development of heat networks
25 January 2024

The Register of Overseas Entities (ROE) and Corporate Beneficial Owners

This article explores the position for corporate beneficial owners under the Register of Overseas Entities (ROE) legislation and an important reporting change which is due to come into force in 2024
25 January 2024

Key HR developments for financial services firms in 2024

We highlight the key people-related developments for financial services firms to look out for in 2024, including SMCR reform, non-financial misconduct, D&I and the new duty to prevent sexual harassment
25 January 2024

Changes to the Electronic Communications Code: What you need to know

2017 Electronic Communications Code Changes

24 January 2024

Electronic Communications Code Case Law Round-Up 2023

This edition covers a round-up of the key Code cases for 2023

24 January 2024

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