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Arnold v Britton: why contractual interpretation in cupcakes is the vital ingredient

The High Court applies the Supreme Court’s decision in Arnold v Britton on contractual interpretation in a supply agreement for cupcakes. Honeyrose Bakery Ltd v Lola’s Kitchen Ltd.
10 August 2015


Use it or lose it: A briefing on the Sofaworks case & implications for CTM

The High Court has found two Community Trade Marks owned by Sofa Workshop to be liable to be revoked for non-use and unenforceable in infringement proceedings. This briefing discusses the findings.
10 August 2015


Protecting cash from criminality: when property becomes criminal for purposes of POCA 2002

In R v GH [2015] UKSC 24, the Supreme Court considered the law relating to money laundering prosecutions. We review the judgement and give practical reminders on their money laundering obligations.
05 August 2015

What are the court’s powers to order sale of land from one joint owner to another?

When property (land) belongs to more than one person and disagreements emerge about what to do with it, what can beneficiaries and trustees ask the court to do?
27 July 2015


Reporting under the Payment Practices Regulation and Modern Slavery Act

The Reports on Payment Practices Regulations 2015 and the Modern Slavery Act 2015 are different legislative measures sharing similarities. Large corporates should consider the implications closely.
23 July 2015


Keep it in the family: linked re-financing parties protected against negligent advisers

Where a loan is re-financed by a party related to the original lender the Court of Appeal confirms that the original lender was not prevented from seeking recovery actions against negligent advisers.
20 July 2015

Resolving conflicting jurisdictional clauses in connected agreements

Difficulties can arise when parties enter into two (or more) separate contracts in which governing law and governing jurisdiction clauses conflict.
14 July 2015


Allocating and insuring risk - key issues when drafting insurance and liability clauses

Our latest insurance briefing looks at key issues to consider when drafting insurance and liability clauses and highlights a number of recent cases.
07 July 2015


OHIM held to have erred in assessing individual character of umbrella design

Dickerson and Gibson have co-authored an article in World Trademark Review Daily. This article first appeared on WTR Daily, part of World Trademark Review -
06 July 2015

In Theory - GM Crops

With the increasingly negative perception of GM products, what impact would a Welsh Government ban on GM crops entering Wales from England have?
25 June 2015

Court of Appeal: HSE right to issue Prohibition Notice without recipient proof to contrary

A health and safety inspector has won her appeal against a decision of the Administrative Court  which quashed a prohibition notice she had served on Rotary Yorkshire Limited in December 2012.
19 June 2015


Sentencing for breaches of Health and Safety by very large organisations

Sentencing guidelines for safety and environmental breaches are changing and are likely to increase for large organisations. Case law is now indicating the practical effect of these changes.
16 June 2015
Showing 217-228 of 470 results
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