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Notice to complete and pre-contract representations

Buyers need to obtain appropriate surveys and need to be aware that Sellers have a right in some circumstances to issue a notice to complete the sale. 
13 February 2015


Guarantees and Indemnities: Gordon Ramsay bound by automatically generated signature

Gordon Ramsay has been held liable under a personal indemnity for rent on his London restaurant, York & Albany. Mr Ramsay sought a declaration that he was not bound because he had not signed it.
10 February 2015


The Application of Trust Law Principles in a Proprietary Estoppel Action

Trustees can tread a difficult line dealing with potential beneficiaries. This is what trustees should be on the lookout for especially where a beneficiary appears to be in a favoured position
10 February 2015

New Procurement Regulations to come into force on 26 February 2015

It was announced on 6 February 2015 that the long-awaited Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (SI 2015/102) will come into force on 26 February 2015, replacing the Public Contracts Regulations 2006.
06 February 2015


Financial Services Series - Issue 15

This issue reviews retail investment advice published by the Financial Conduct Authority, part of a study of the impact of the Retail Distribution Review on advisor charging and services.
03 February 2015

Can Companies House be held liable for errors on the Register of Companies?

What does Sebry v Companies House tell us about the duties of Companies House to register company information correctly?
02 February 2015


The sale by Topshop of Rihanna t-shirt does amount to passing off

The Court of Appeal has unanimously upheld the High Court decision that the sale by Topshop of a t-shirt displaying an image of Rihanna amounted to passing off.
29 January 2015

Easements, boundaries and “an absurd waste of effort, time and cost”

Where does a boundary run where there is a lane, hedge and ditch between two properties and what rights do the owners of those properties have to use the lane?
28 January 2015


Update on progress of the Insurance Bill

The Insurance Bill is to be finalised before the current Parliament ends in March 2015. We take a look at the Bill and the proposed changes.
28 January 2015


Quaystone newsletter ; February 2015

In this month's Quaystone, we reflect on milestones reached by unconventional energy projects in 2014 and the lessons they hold for the successful delivery of infrastructure projects in all sectors.
28 January 2015

Procurement clarification on material variation and internal public authority awards

In Edenred (UK Group) Ltd v Her Majesty's Treasury, HMRC and NSI The Court ruled in favour of HM Treasury and commented on the area of material variation and direct awards to public sector bodies.
23 January 2015


Police charging - clarity at last

Leeds United v West Yorkshire Police concluded last year as to the correct basis of charging for match day deployments. We look at the key legal principles and explain what this means for you.
23 January 2015

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