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The website using my copyright is hosted overseas – am I powerless?

Globalisation and technology have made English law on copyright infringement increasingly complex and difficult to navigate. We look at the case of Omnibill v EGPSXXX Ltd. and R. A. Carter.
12 December 2014

What does agreeing a warranty mean – what do you get if it's breached?

Businessmen who insist on warranties in sale agreements may not know the limitations on the protections they are getting.
05 December 2014

How does a Defendant get a third party to contribute to damages it has to pay?

A defendant may often find that another person caused or contributed to the loss which the claimant is trying to recover from it. How do they seek a contribution from that third party?
04 December 2014


Financial Services Series - Issue 13

We look at Bluefin's judicial review application and a case where a consumer tried to judicially review the FOS to see the difficulty of challenging Financial Ombudsman Service determinations.
26 November 2014


When the buck does not stop with the broker

The Eurokey case serves as a timely reminder that the client also has a number of responsibilities to fulfil during the underwriting process if it wants to be confident it has appropriate cover.
25 November 2014


Interflora re-visited: Re-trial ordered in long-running dispute

In the latest chapter in the long-running keyword advertising dispute between Interflora and Marks & Spencer, the Court of Appeal has allowed M&S’s appeal against the Judgment of Arnold J in May 2013.
17 November 2014


Bribes, secret commissions and Monaco hotels

We examine FHR European Ventures LLP and others v Cedar Capital Partners LLC [2014] UKSC 45 in which the Supreme Court ruled a bribe received by an agent is held by them on trust for his principal.
14 November 2014


Moroccanoil's passing-off claim against Aldi fails in lookalike product case

Dickerson and Shaw have co-authored an article in World Trademark Review Daily following Moroccanoil's passing-off claim against Aldi. For further information, see
13 November 2014


Should I stay or should I go? (Revisited) - further automatic suspension upheld

Further to our briefing, Procurement Challenges - should I stay or should I go?, the English High Court has stayed another contract award. We consider what this means here.
13 November 2014

How do you keep the arguments in a skeleton argument? Answer: follow the rules

The Court of Appeal in Tchenguiz v SFO was not impressed by Counsel choosing to lodge almost 100 pages of 'summarised' argument contrary to the rules.
04 November 2014


High Court opens up blocking injunction remedial avenue for trade mark owners

What are the circumstances in which internet service providers can be made to block access to websites selling counterfeit goods? Arnold J has provided some answers in his judgment in a recent case.
04 November 2014


Financial Services Series; Issue 12

In this edition of Financial Services Series, we look at developments around interest rate mis-selling and a recent case of relevance.
30 October 2014

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