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Designs for retail store layouts may be capable of trade mark registration in Europe

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled that it may be possible for a retail store layout to be registered as a trade mark.
14 July 2014


Parent Company Liability

A parent company can be liable for the health and safety breaches of its subsidiary. This article looks at when this duty arises and what factors you should be considering in order to manage the risk.
14 July 2014


Planning and Infrastructure update

Recent announcements stress the Government’s commitment to encouraging infrastructure projects with the Infrastructure Bill intending to facilitate industry growth and international competitiveness.
14 July 2014

Does a 'friendly discussions' clause need to be obeyed before a claim can be brought?

The English courts have historically shown some reluctance to enforce agreements to “negotiate” or engage in “discussions” where these are conditions precedent to commencing arbitration or litigation.
11 July 2014

Raising the Stakes part 4 - Accelerated Payment Notices 2

This fourth briefing note deals in more detail with the accelerated payment notice provisions which are in Part 4, Chapter 3 of the Finance (No.2) Bill.
01 July 2014


Insuring the cost of prosecutions and regulatory investigations

Regulatory investigation or criminal prosecution can strain businesses. This briefing overviews the insurance available to cover the cost of defending prosecutions and regulatory investigations.
30 June 2014


Financial Services Series - Issue 9

Financial services regulation is a complex web of legislation, rules, guidance and case law. This briefing looks at how the FCA interacts with the courts when it comes to regulatory enforcement.
27 June 2014

EU Commission's controversial view on UK 'traffic light' labelling

The European Commission is investigating whether the UK's 'traffic light' food labelling is compatible with EU law, following Italy's complaint that it is an illegal bar to free trade.
20 June 2014

When can Judges refuse to hear a Judicial Review application which is 'without merit'?

Given the increasing caseloads being handled, courts are keen to establish a fair approach to disposing of unmeritorious claims at an early stage. 
10 June 2014


An employers guide to Employers; Liability Insurance

This briefing takes a closer look at Employers’ Liability Insurance. We provide a useful overview for businesses and address some key questions. 
30 May 2014


Financial Services Series - Issue 8

In this instalment of our Financial Services Series, we look at Significant Influence Functions and the SIF regime which will be replaced by a new Senior Managers regime for banks.
30 May 2014

Groundless threats reforms

The Law Commission's final report on its proposals for reform in the area of groundless threats concludes that protection should be retained, but reformed.
23 May 2014

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