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Rare interpleader relief awarded to Football League

The Football League was recently awarded rare interpleader relief in the Bristol Mercantile and Commercial Courts. 
13 February 2014

Court of Appeal judge criticises West Yorkshire Police in Leeds United case

An Appeal Court Judge has criticised the conduct of West Yorkshire Police in the latest aspect of the ongoing dispute between Leeds United Football Club and West Yorkshire Police.
13 February 2014

Proposals for sharing confidential bidder information between government bodies

The Cabinet Office has issued a policy note which aims to ensure that procurement information relating to bidders can be shared across central government bodies. 
13 February 2014

Insurer bound to pay under a follow clause

Yes, a follow clause in an insurance policy can require an insurer to pay even when a settlement entered into by other insurers in respect of the same loss is expressed as not binding other insurers.
13 February 2014

Exposure for individuals who control companies but are not registered directors

Despite neat legal theory, businesses can be run (or influenced by) individuals who are not legal directors registered at Companies House.
12 February 2014

FCA publishes its first warning notice statements

A look at the new power to issue warning notice statements to regulated entities and individuals adopted by the 'Financial Conduct Authority' FCA.
10 February 2014

Confidentiality and the punishment for using your contracting party’s customer lists

When a contractual arrangement breaks down or is terminated, both parties may be tempted to contact their common customers to offer to continue the service. What are the potential pitfalls?
10 February 2014

Insurers avoid requirement to pay commission under affinity schemes

Our insurance team looks at a significant case.
04 February 2014

Contractual arbitration clause binds in decision on criminal activity

Many commercial contracts divert certain disputes about their interpretation or performance to arbitration. Interprods v De La Rue looked at the scope of an arbitration agreement. 
04 February 2014

Strained relations in the UK yoghurt market

According to the Court of Appeal, a substantial proportion of the public believes that Greek yoghurt comes from Greece so yoghurt made elsewhere should consequently not be labelled 'Greek'.
03 February 2014

Partnership disputes – appointment of receivers

Recent case law has highlighted the courts' willingness to allow interim relief in partnership actions in order to 'hold the ring' until the issues between the parties have been resolved. 
31 January 2014

Patent Update: Virgin Atlantic and Zodiac Seating in Court again

The Court of Appeal judgment in Virgin Atlantic Airways v Zodiac Seats (Ltd) and others marked another decision in this long-running patent dispute. 
30 January 2014

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