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Partnership disputes – appointment of receivers

Recent case law has highlighted the courts' willingness to allow interim relief in partnership actions in order to 'hold the ring' until the issues between the parties have been resolved. 
31 January 2014

Patent Update: Virgin Atlantic and Zodiac Seating in Court again

The Court of Appeal judgment in Virgin Atlantic Airways v Zodiac Seats (Ltd) and others marked another decision in this long-running patent dispute. 
30 January 2014

Mayor of London and TfL adverts: not so proud

The recent decision by the Court of Appeal in the "gay bus advertising" case could result in the Mayor of London being added to the proceedings as a defendant.
29 January 2014


Quaystone newsletter ; February 2014

This month our Construction and Engineering newsletter focuses on intellectual property issues in construction.
28 January 2014

Can Google use your search history to market to you?

The English Court has decided to rule on whether Google should be allowed to identify what we might want to buy (and advertise at us) by watching the things we search for.
27 January 2014


Financial Services Series; Issue 4

Welcome to this issue of our Financial Services Series where we focus on the Financial Conduct Authority's powers to request information from firms. Read on for tips to manage information requests.
27 January 2014

No liability for a reasonable driver’s emergency stop

The court has supported a driver – and the bus company employing him – whose emergency braking caused a passenger on the top deck to suffer serious injury.
24 January 2014


The Bribery Act 2010: SFO targets construction and energy industries

The construction and energy sectors will be subjected to anti-bribery investigation by the Serious Fraud Office. We look at The Bribery Act 2010 and highlight crucial steps to minimise the risks.
06 January 2014

FCA intervenes in price comparison advertising campaign

In December 2013, Financial Group Limited completed a Voluntary Application for Imposition of Requirement, which was subsequently published by the FCA.
03 January 2014

Sharing out the responsibility for repeated negligence

Where two (or more) advisors or suppliers are involved in providing a service (or goods) and both are (separately) negligent how do they share the claim? Our dispute resolution team explains.
03 January 2014

Four banned by FCA for 'disgraceful' pension activities

Following an investigation, the FCA has issued Final Notices to four individuals regarding conduct in connection with occupational pension schemes. 
23 December 2013


Financial Services Series; Issue 3

Welcome to this issue of our Financial Services Series, discussing sanctions the FCA has at its disposal, recent trends and what the future holds.
23 December 2013

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