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The Bribery Act 2010: SFO targets construction and energy industries

The construction and energy sectors will be subjected to anti-bribery investigation by the Serious Fraud Office. We look at The Bribery Act 2010 and highlight crucial steps to minimise the risks.
06 January 2014

FCA intervenes in price comparison advertising campaign

In December 2013, Financial Group Limited completed a Voluntary Application for Imposition of Requirement, which was subsequently published by the FCA.
03 January 2014

Sharing out the responsibility for repeated negligence

Where two (or more) advisors or suppliers are involved in providing a service (or goods) and both are (separately) negligent how do they share the claim? Our dispute resolution team explains.
03 January 2014

Four banned by FCA for 'disgraceful' pension activities

Following an investigation, the FCA has issued Final Notices to four individuals regarding conduct in connection with occupational pension schemes. 
23 December 2013


Financial Services Series; Issue 3

Welcome to this issue of our Financial Services Series, discussing sanctions the FCA has at its disposal, recent trends and what the future holds.
23 December 2013


Real Estate Disputes Case Review 2013

Our review of the most significant real estate disputes cases of the last 12 months. 
19 December 2013

Wife prosecuted for opening an account for her husband

The Court of Appeal has confirmed that 'helping out' a family member (or anyone else) who is engaged in criminal breaches of financial services legislation can lead to prosecution. 
17 December 2013

The FCA levies fines for the year totalling £446.1m

12 December 2013

Does negotiated procedure allow authorities to negotiate mandatory tender requirements?

In Nordecon v Rahandusministeerium, The European Court was asked whether an authority is free to revise mandatory technical requirements included in its tender documentation.
09 December 2013

Winding up petitions on disputed debts

Whenever there is an apparent monetary debt, common practice is for a claimant to threaten a winding up petition as part of the tactics to get a potential defendant to pay up.
06 December 2013


The National Crime Agency ; a British FBI?

The Serious Organised Crime Agency has been replaced by the National Crime Agency as the UK’s national crime fighting agency. We look at the NCA’s role in investigating and preventing economic crime.
06 December 2013

Trustee wins important victory in battle to obtain contribution notice

The Trustees of the Desmond & Sons pension scheme have successfully overturned a decision by the Upper Tribunal to strike out a case against a shareholder.
05 December 2013

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