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Should schools be liable for failings of third party contractors?

This article looks at Woodland v Essex County Council [2013]UKSC 66 where a 10 year old girl suffered severe brain damage during a swimming lesson organised by her school but provided by a contractor.
22 November 2013

Safety of land on which children may play – and who is liable for injury

A points decision? The Court of Appeal has overturned a judgment against a council found liable for an injury sustained when a child punched a water fountain.
21 November 2013

Everybody’s wrong – contracts which don’t reflect the agreement you reached

Poor drafting: Are parties bound by a contract even if it contains written terms neither party intended to be bound by?
21 November 2013

The valuation of partnership assets on dissolution

Our Food, Farming and Land team considers the recent case of Ham v Ham & another - and why is critical that thought is given and agreements reached before business relationships breaks down.
20 November 2013

Avoiding collisions: which country decides an international dispute?

The case of the Alexandros T sheds some light on the English court's approach to related proceedings issued in different European jurisdictions.
19 November 2013

Direct award of concessions is a breach of transparency

Our procurement team looks at the implications of two significant cases on authorities awarding concession contracts re: equal treatment and non-discrimination on the basis of nationality.
19 November 2013

The works of Eva Cassidy – copyright and a distribution dispute

What are the implications of Straw & Anors v Jennings, the High Court distribution and copyright dispute  concerning the late vocalist, Eva Cassidy?
18 November 2013


Casino de Monte-Carlo fails in trademark infringement and passing-off claims

Dickerson and Shaw have published an article in 'World Trademark Review Daily' on the claim by Casino de Monte-Carlo for trademark infringement and passing off, which was dismissed on both counts.
18 November 2013

Keeping confidential lending policies out of professional negligence litigation

Our Professional Negligence litigation team looks at the tension between preserving confidentiality and a defendant’s right to argue about causation in the case of Ward Hadaway v DB UK Bank.
14 November 2013

Defamatory material on websites – is the website host liable?

Website operators will shortly have a defence to claims of defamation arising from statements posted by others on their sites provided they can show that they did not themselves post the statement.
14 November 2013

Professional negligence in failing to explain the effect of documents

Our professional negligence recovery team considers the role of professional negligence in failing to explain the effect of documents.
11 November 2013

What is reasonable notice for termination of a supply contract?

Contracts without express termination provisions and, in particular, unwritten contracts with implied terms are usually terminable on reasonable notice. So what is reasonable notice?
08 November 2013

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