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English Court refuses to let the French hide their evidence

The Court of Appeal has refused to let English disclosure be blocked by the French Blocking Statute.
23 October 2013


How to settle disputes effectively ; and what is Part 36?

Our dispute resolution team gives a simple overview for non-contentious lawyers of what litigation lawyers mean when advising about settlement options in relation to an ongoing or potential dispute.
23 October 2013

Sale of goods – failing to combine set-off and retention of title

The Court of Appeal has observed that there are dangers as well as benefits in retention of title clauses.
21 October 2013

Putting the discretion back in Part 36

Most lawyers involved in litigation will all be acutely alive to the additional value of Part 36 offers being made after 1 April 2013.
18 October 2013

Caretakers of agricultural land found subject to strict employment law

Employees have greater protection than other workers, but assessing whether someone is an employee is not an exact science. Troutbeck SA v White and Todd considered this issue.
14 October 2013

Covanta stops Merseyside Waste entering contract after six year procurement process

An unsuccessful bidder has convinced a court to stop an energy from waste contract while it resolves legal proceedings, potentially delaying the contract for at least a further two years.
10 October 2013


Deferred Prosecution Agreements available in 2014

Following closure of the Serious Fraud Office’s consultation on the use of Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs), DPAs could be available to prosecutors as early as February 2014.
10 October 2013


Financial Services Series; Issue 1

Welcome to the first in our Financial Services Series. Over the next year, we will provide tips for the smooth management of the regulated firm’s relationship with the Financial Conduct Authority.
10 October 2013


The Bribery Act bites: steps businesses should take

The Bribery Act 2010's first prosecution has been brought by the Serious Fraud Office. This note summarises the offences, steps businesses should take and details on the SFO’s first prosecution.
10 October 2013

Guilty until proven innocent: Court assumes those without extra income use 'hot' money

In the case of Serious Organised Crime Agency v Turrall, the High Court has taken the view that items of property have been purchased with the proceeds of crime and are, therefore, recoverable.
04 October 2013

Can you withdraw permission to use a trade mark?

Handbags? In Martin Y Paz Diffusion SA v David Depuydt, the European Court was asked whether it was possible to withdraw consent given for the concurrent use of a trade mark for leather goods.
03 October 2013

A bad bet: Monte-Carlo Casino fails in claim for trade mark infringement and passing off

Why did SBM, the owner of Casino de Monte-Carlo, fail in its claim for trade mark infringement and passing off against AIL who provided 'fun' casino entertainment at weddings and corporate functions?
19 September 2013

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