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Financial Services Series; Issue 1

Welcome to the first in our Financial Services Series. Over the next year, we will provide tips for the smooth management of the regulated firm’s relationship with the Financial Conduct Authority.
10 October 2013


The Bribery Act bites: steps businesses should take

The Bribery Act 2010's first prosecution has been brought by the Serious Fraud Office. This note summarises the offences, steps businesses should take and details on the SFO’s first prosecution.
10 October 2013

Guilty until proven innocent: Court assumes those without extra income use 'hot' money

In the case of Serious Organised Crime Agency v Turrall, the High Court has taken the view that items of property have been purchased with the proceeds of crime and are, therefore, recoverable.
04 October 2013

Can you withdraw permission to use a trade mark?

Handbags? In Martin Y Paz Diffusion SA v David Depuydt, the European Court was asked whether it was possible to withdraw consent given for the concurrent use of a trade mark for leather goods.
03 October 2013

European Court requires rail passenger compensation for delays

Simon Coppen and Ann Metherall explore the interpretation of the European right to rail passenger compensation.
02 October 2013

A bad bet: Monte-Carlo Casino fails in claim for trade mark infringement and passing off

Why did SBM, the owner of Casino de Monte-Carlo, fail in its claim for trade mark infringement and passing off against AIL who provided 'fun' casino entertainment at weddings and corporate functions?
19 September 2013


Age, Partnerships and Undue Influence

A partner forced or coerced into putting valuable personal property into a partnership may be able to convince a court to dissolve that partnership to retrieve some or all of the value.
19 September 2013


Warranty and Indemnity Insurance and other Transaction Liability Insurance Products

Our insurance briefing covers the increased use of transaction liability insurance (TLI) products in an increasingly buoyant M&A market.
19 September 2013

Court prevents directors from out-manoeuvring shareholders bent on a corporate raid

The case between directors and shareholders over control of JKX Oil & Gas Plc demonstrates the difficulties faced by directors in ensuring they stay on the right side of the law when fighting raids.
12 September 2013


Fire and Emergency Services ; safety law applies in the firezone

The Fire Service, Police and other Emergency Services should identify risks in the areas in which they operate such as Health and Safety laws when putting officers into dangerous situations.
12 September 2013


Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery

In light of bailiff law reforms, this briefing considers some of the key aspects of the new statutory procedure known as Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery or CRAR.

12 September 2013

Interesting evidence decision at the IPO

How does the IPO decide a case when the parties don't turn up? See how the IPO hearing officer dealt with this unusual question in the case of Coupling Technology Limited v Coupling Solutions LLC.
11 September 2013

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