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Financial Services and Space Technology

Space tech can help businesses in financial services meet their ESG reporting obligations and help them achieve their net zero and environmental commitments
12 April 2024

The regulatory push to improve financial promotions

We are seeing a degree of uptick in regulatory activism on this topic, including: industry-wide communications from the FCA; new regulatory rules and rigour; and an enlarged scope of the financial promotions regime, including movement into new product categories such as cryptoassets
28 February 2024

Delivering sustainable transportation in the UK: Opportunities abound, but who will fund them?

With the delivery of sustainable transport in the UK a priority to achieving Net Zero targets, our roundtable series brings together sector experts to discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities. Here are the insights from our inaugural session on the pivotal role of funding
27 February 2024

FCA’s proposals for closing the advice gap – the Advice Guidance Boundary Review – “empowering consumers to take control of their money”

There is a considerable amount of work for the FCA to do to devise a regulatory regime that gives firms the clarity that they would need to open up their offerings into the space currently labelled the advice gap
20 February 2024

What is a collective investment scheme? The High Court gives its decision in FCA v Forster

In this article we examine the High Court’s decision in The Financial Conduct Authority v Forster & Ors  on what is a collective investment scheme (“CIS”) under the UK’s Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (“FSMA”)
14 February 2024

Key HR developments for financial services firms in 2024

We highlight the key people-related developments for financial services firms to look out for in 2024, including SMCR reform, non-financial misconduct, D&I and the new duty to prevent sexual harassment
25 January 2024

Crackdown on cryptoasset promotions: FCA’s new guidance for the industry

The Financial Conduct Authority has published its finalised non-handbook guidance on cryptoasset financial promotions. It seeks to remedy common issues with cryptoasset financial promotions, such as marketing claims about safety, security or ease of use without highlighting risks and risk warnings not being visible enough
04 December 2023

An introduction to and current issues facing investment platforms

The platform sector has grown rapidly over recent years and is likely to continue in this way. The FCA has intense focus on ensuring that the very highest of standards apply in an environment where consumers can invest with confidence, understand the risks they face and are clear about the availability of regulatory protections if things go wrong
28 November 2023

Sustainable Finance: a spotlight on Africa

As part of a series of articles looking at Sustainable Finance, here we explore some of the key themes in Sustainable Financings in Africa, and the challenges to be overcome on transactions
11 October 2023

The Mansion House reforms: win-win?

The Chancellor has woven together some familiar strands with some new material, but will his tapestry be a win for both pension savers and UK plc?
20 July 2023

Accessing sustainability-linked funding for mid-market food and drink industry businesses

Food and drink businesses face a myriad of ESG challenges. Sustainability linked funding is being made available to support businesses towards achieving their individual sustainability performance objectives. 
14 April 2023

New regulatory regime for cryptoassets: proposals for a high-tech future

The UK government has published a consultation paper outlining its proposals to implement a new regulatory regime for cryptoassets
07 March 2023
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