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Delivering freight solutions through planning

In April 2019, the NIC published its recommendations to government for freight. Of interest to local authorities, landowners and developers, we highlight the role planning will play in delivering them
20 May 2019

The NIC's challenge for green warehousing and logistics

We assess the scale of green ambition in the National Infrastructure Commission’s report on cleaner logistics and warehousing

17 May 2019

A to Z of construction disputes: Avoidance and resolution – Part 1: A to M

This two-part article explains some of the key concepts that anyone involved in the construction industry needs to know in order to avoid or resolve construction disputes
14 May 2019

Industrial Warehousing and Logistics - procuring the warehouse of the future

This article comments on construction issues in the demolition phase and considers how technological advances and changes in construction methods are reshaping how industrial assets are procured
08 May 2019

Electronic Communications Code: Expect the expected?

Three recent Upper Tribunal decisions have continued the trend of Electronic Communications Code cases being decided in favour of telecoms operators

01 May 2019

Design for Manufacture and Assembly – time to take a step back and design for the future

Developers willing to embrace change and work with innovative organisations will reap the full benefits of Modern Methods of Construction through Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA).
03 April 2019

Brexit does not frustrate EMA lease

The High Court has held that the UK’s departure from the EU does not frustrate the European Medicines Agency’s 25-year lease of premises in Canary Wharf
29 March 2019


Unfair Prejudice Circular

This circular examines a number of unfair prejudice petitions that came before the courts recently. We discuss what these cases tell us about how the courts are currently approaching a range of issues
20 March 2019

Funding the UK’s infrastructure ambitions in a ‘post-PFI’ world

Many projects in the UK Infrastructure and Projects Authority's pipeline are dependent on private finance. In the absence of PFI/PF2, what other funding structures will help ensure delivery?
08 February 2019

Industrial Warehousing & Logistics: The environment and the neighbours

We look at the environmental factors that developers, occupiers and owners should consider in maintaining and preserving the value of the asset.
04 February 2019


Real Estate 2018: A Retrospective

We look back at some of 2018’s key legislation and court decisions, as well as a selection of real estate transactional work we have carried out in a range of sectors.
17 January 2019

Energy portfolio sales and financing: efficient due diligence on construction and O&M documents

Key due diligence points to consider for an energy portfolio transaction, stressing the importance of understanding typical red flags, asset lifecycle and effective document management.
11 January 2019
Showing 37-48 of 175 results
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