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Competition regulations: UK implements EU Damages Directive

The Regulations, which implement the EU Damages Directive, seek to improve the private enforcement of competition law cases in the UK. We summarise the key changes.
26 April 2017

Retail water market – less than one month to go

The retail water market opens on 1 April 2017 and will arguably mark the biggest change in the water industry since privatisation.
10 March 2017

Restrictions on online retailing and competition law

As the CMA cracks down on manufacturers and suppliers restricting retailers' online sales activities, those active in online markets need to think very carefully about competition law compliance.
31 August 2016

Press release

Burges Salmon advises Somerfield in Court of Appeal competition case

Our competition team acted for Somerfield Stores Limited on a successful appeal in the Court of Appeal, against the Competition and Markets Authority.
19 July 2016

Brexit: the impact on competition law for UK business

What will be the impact of Brexit on competition law for UK business? And how can UK business best chart a route through the current uncertainties as regards competition law enforcement?
01 July 2016

Carrier bags and consumer rights

With the excitement surrounding charges for carrier bags , consumers might have missed another significant milestone: that October has also brought the Consumer Rights Act 2015.
07 October 2015


EU Damages Directive - the passing on defence

On 27 December 2014 the EU’s competition law Damages Directive came into force, attempting to resolve ongoing debates with the aim of damages in competition law cases becoming more effective.
06 July 2015

What does Ofcom's review of Royal Mail mean for the postal services sector?

Ofcom has announced that it is carrying out a fundamental review of the regulation of Royal Mail in the light of the withdrawal by Whistl from the ‘direct deliver’ letters market.
25 June 2015

UK competition law: Court of Appeal rocks the boat in Eurotunnel/SeaFrance case

The Court of Appeal has upheld an appeal brought by SCOP against the decision of the Competition and Market Authority (CMA) on jurisdiction in the Eurotunnel/SeaFrance merger. 
04 June 2015


Competition Damages Directive - leniency applicants and the end of exemplary damages

The EU’s competition law Damages Directive tries to resolve long-running debates to make actions for damages more effective including the protection of leniency and settlement applicants.
14 May 2015

European Commission to investigate e-commerce and geo-blocking

The European Commission’s sector inquiry to investigate how competition in the e-commerce sector is working across Europe is set to start this month.
05 May 2015


Consumer Rights Act 2015: private actions in competition law

Section 81 of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 reforms the UK regime for private actions for breaches of competition law, arguably making it easier for parties to bring claims in the UK for damages.
05 May 2015
Showing 49-60 of 80 results
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