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Looking ahead - the key construction finance trends all lenders need to be aware of in 2022

In this article we discuss the five hot topics that should be at the forefront of lenders’ minds this year
20 January 2022

Press release

Burges Salmon advises on Africa’s second largest solar mini-grid portfolio project-financing

EDFI ElectriFI and REPP have provided LSL 150,000,000 financing to innovative social enterprise “OnePower” 
18 January 2022

Transforming Infrastructure Performance: Roadmap to 2030 - data sharing and green delivery

Construction and Infrastructure must collect and share data on whole life asset performance. Collaboration around common standards is the key focus
04 November 2021

Construction materials shortage & climate change: trade at loggerheads over timber supply

Timber supplies are experiencing shortages in many global markets – with surging demand, logistics and climate change all said to be contributing. Is this an issue for longer term decarbonisation?
03 September 2021

Offshore Wind: The Changing Landscape of Offshore Operation & Maintenance

The sixth of our series on offshore wind looks at the future of the UK offshore O&M industry in the context of exponential offshore wind growth

28 July 2021

The Draft Building Safety Bill – Burges Salmon’s view

In this article, we provide our analysis of the main concerns with, and implications of, the draft Building Safety Bill
27 July 2021

Draft Building Safety Bill – an analysis of the key provisions

In this article, we analyse the detail of the Building Safety Bill and highlight the key points you need to know
27 July 2021

Offshore transmission – will point to point connections become pointless in an integrated future?

The fifth of our series on offshore wind considers what future offshore grid connection may look like in the context of continued market growth in the sector
15 June 2021

Paying for Grenfell: Consultation on proposed residential property developer tax

In this article we consider the proposed new tax on property developers to contribute towards the cost of replacing unsafe cladding on high-rise residential buildings
19 May 2021

Offshore Wind – Exploring the advent of Green Hydrogen Power

The fourth of our series on offshore wind looks at the integration of green hydrogen technology and how its advent can shape the future of the sector
06 May 2021

Floating Wind – Challenges and Opportunities for a Buoyant Technology

The third of our series on offshore wind looks at the fast emerging floating wind sector and the innovations presented by its advent 

13 April 2021

Offshore Wind – Next Wave Supply Chain Challenges and Evolution

The second of our series on offshore wind looks at the challenges and evolution facing the supply chain as the offshore wind market continues to expand globally
19 March 2021
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