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'Smash and grab' adjudications still alive and kicking after Grove

'Smash and grab' adjudications can still hurt a paying party if key payment procedures are not followed, despite the recent decision in Grove Developments Limited v S&T (UK) Limited.
21 March 2018


Is it time for Construction Management 2.0?

What are the benefits and pitfalls of two-stage tendering in developments? Should construction look to other sectors for new solutions to procurement?
07 February 2018

Data is infrastructure: how is data transforming UK construction and infrastructure?

The National Infrastructure Commission and Constructing Excellence recently considered the transformative use of data in infrastructure. We anticipate some of the likely legal challenges.
01 February 2018

Off-site fabrication: game changer or incremental improvement?

Off-site fabrication is playing a key part in high-profile projects, including the use of regional construction hubs as part of Heathrow's expansion. Could it benefit your next project?
23 January 2018

JCT 2016 suite of construction contracts – 18 months on

18 months since JCT released the newest edition of its standard form suite of construction contracts we provide an overview of the JCT 2016 and how it is being received.
11 January 2018

NEC4 ECC payment mechanism: contractors and project managers beware

Some of the most significant changes in the new NEC4 ECC are to the payment clauses. This article considers some of the key issues which could trip up the unwary.
13 November 2017

Fitness for purpose: practical steps following MTN Hojgaard v E.ON

A discussion of the Supreme Court’s decision in MTN Hojgaard v E.On and practical steps for drafting and negotiating contracts that include a fitness for purpose obligation.
01 November 2017

What are deleterious materials?

We consider what is meant by 'deleterious' in the specification of materials for use in construction, and the contractual responsibilities of employers, contractors and developers.
19 October 2017

How to mitigate risk for large-scale infrastructure projects

Large-scale infrastructure projects present huge procurement challenges. Contracting parties can mitigate risk through careful contract drafting and negotiations.
12 October 2017

Construction disputes in complex projects: getting your dispute resolution procedure right

Complex projects raise a number of difficulties when it comes to dispute resolution. What are the key considerations and how can you best address these in your dispute resolution procedure?
28 September 2017

Waste projects: what issues can arise after the plant is built?

Commissioning and operational issues in waste projects can cause significant issues in achieving certification and generating anticipated revenues. This article addresses the most common issues.
12 September 2017

Battery storage: getting your construction and operation contracts right

Battery storage projects typically have multiple revenue streams and revenue contracts. We explore the challenges for parties looking to build, operate and finance battery storage projects.
05 September 2017

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