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A new permitting regime for medium combustion plants: what does it mean for operators?

From 20 December, combustion plants below 50MW thermal will be subject to the new environmental permitting regime in England & Wales. What do operators of generating plant need to know? 
26 November 2018

UK-EU Political Declaration: can the UK stay in the European Chemicals Agency?

The draft UK-EU Political Declaration leaves open the door for discussion on the UK’s participation in the European Chemicals Agency.
23 November 2018

North Sea oil and gas: reaping the benefits of discipline?

This article explores the positive transformations made in the UK Continental Shelf in recent years while noting the need for renewed exploration and investment.
20 November 2018

Who is protected on insolvency: the environment or the creditors?

Recent decisions in Scotland consider the balance between environmental clean-ups and creditor claims. Are the English cases which prioritised the creditors ripe for revision?
13 November 2018

Increased burden for carbon reporting on large companies from 2019

An update on UK carbon reporting requirements after closure of the CRC Energy Efficiency scheme and inclusion of carbon reporting in directors’ reports at Companies House.
03 August 2018

Press release

Burges Salmon wins European Chemicals Agency appeal

Burges Salmon has successfully challenged a decision of the European Chemicals Agency, saving a chemical consortium hundreds of thousands of Euros.
16 July 2018

Court of Appeal holds landowner liable for spread of Japanese Knotweed

The Court of Appeal has upheld a damages claim despite no physical damage to property, on the grounds that spread of Japanese Knotweed to neighbouring land impacts amenity value of real estate.
06 July 2018

Water pollution regulation: new rules to prevent agricultural diffuse pollution

These regulations impose new rules on those in control of agricultural land with the aim of tackling pollution to inland and coastal waters.
17 May 2018

Brexit, chemicals and REACH: five issues to consider now

The chemical and manufacturing industries are still waiting for clear post-Brexit plans for UK chemicals regulation, with exit from REACH a particular concern
09 May 2018

Capacity Market Rules: proposed changes

This article summarises key proposed changes to the Capacity Market Rules and looks forward to the upcoming reviews of the Capacity Market by Ofgem and BEIS.

01 May 2018

Low carbon transport: renewable and development fuel opportunities in the UK

The Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) was amended on 15 April 2018. Our briefing explains some of the main RTFO amendments and explores the opportunities they create.
17 April 2018

Environment Agency consultation on its enforcement and sanctions policy

The Environment Agency's consultation on updating its enforcement and sanctions policy documents closed on 15 January 2018.
08 March 2018

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