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EA told to think again on merits-based reviews of CAR decisions

In the case of R (Suez Recycling and Recovery UK Ltd) v Environment Agency [2023], the Administrative Court held that the EA was bound to consider the need for a merits-based appeal process in respect of Compliance Assessment Report decisions
08 January 2024

Preparing for the European Chemicals Agency's new product database

A new database of articles containing potentially hazardous substances will place additional regulatory and administrative burdens throughout the supply chain
05 July 2019

Who is protected on insolvency: the environment or the creditors?

Recent decisions in Scotland consider the balance between environmental clean-ups and creditor claims. Are the English cases which prioritised the creditors ripe for revision?
13 November 2018

The environmental impact of Christmas: chemicals in toys and plastics in the environment

We take a look at how environmental and product stewardship law is addressing the concerns over the environmental impact of Christmas.
21 December 2017

Definition of waste: Environment Agency closes doors on opinion service

The Environment Agency has quietly suspended its definition of waste panel leaving businesses out in the cold.
11 October 2016

£1m fine for breaching environmental permits: another loud message from the courts

A £1m court fine for a waste company is another demonstration that the new Environmental Sentencing Guideline has teeth, and businesses should take note.
19 April 2016

Why all businesses need to be aware of the new Waste Duty of Care Code of Practice

Everyone who produces waste has a “duty of care” over that waste. Defra and the Environment Agency have published an updated Code of Practice on how to comply with this legal duty of care.
17 March 2016


Environment and Energy Law - Autumn 2015

This edition covers President Obama's speech at the GLACIER Conference in Alaska, the intentional flooding of Wallasea Island and more. 
23 September 2015


The new Waste Duty of Care Code of Practice

In July, a consultation was launched on replacing Defra’s Waste Duty of Care Code of Practice, which was last updated almost 20 years ago. Nick Churchward explains some of the proposed changes.
11 September 2015


Laying down the law: beware illegal waste activities

Ross Fairley issues a warning to landlords about the consequences of tenants’ illegal waste operations.
20 January 2015


Environment and Energy Law - Summer 2014

The latest edition of our Environment and Energy Law newsletter, bringing you news and updates on a wide range of issues. 
18 August 2014


Environmentalist Online - Laying down the law

Ross Fairley describes the recent changes to the producer responsibility regime to cover companies in the solar sector.
21 May 2014
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