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The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 and the Renting Homes (Amendment) (Wales) Act 2021 - what do landlords need to know?

The law relating to rented property in Wales has changed today, immediately bringing with it a sea change in legislative approach. We summarise these changes for landlords.
01 December 2022

Important decision on agricultural Notices to Quit

Thomas v Turner is a controversial Court of Appeal decision narrowing scope for the court to 'rescue' and hold valid an incorrect agricultural Notice to Quit

09 November 2022

Biodiversity Net Gain for Landowners and Land Managers

The live consultation on Biodiversity Net Gain gives landowners and land managers the chance to get up to speed with the direction of travel for this area, and consider what opportunities this presents for rural land
08 March 2022

Arbitrators’ mistakes – do major consequences matter?

Mistakes can happen in arbitration awards and the Arbitration Act 1996 contains a mechanism to correct accidental slips or omissions 

20 November 2020

Expert witnesses: the ALT bares its teeth, and bites

Tribunal attacks independence of expert witness and imposes severe costs penalty

27 May 2020

The rise of agricultural drones in the UK

The use of drones in UK agriculture is increasing. What legal issues do drone users need to consider and how can the law protect landowners?
09 March 2017

Agricultural land beside water – riparian rights

The ownership of land next to water is a specialist issue. The majority of this land is agricultural and many different rules apply. 
10 October 2016

Service of notices under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986

The limited circumstances in which Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 tenancies can be terminated means notices need to be right first time. Will you avoid the most common pitfalls?
19 September 2016

Parking disputes: clear signs could help stop others from parking on your land

Putting signs up can help you to show that you object to someone else using your land and stop them acquiring prescriptive rights over your land.
09 September 2016

Beware of 'informal' arrangements allowing use of farm buildings by third parties

Agricultural occupiers can create problems by allowing non-agricultural use of their premises.
05 September 2016

Dealing with agricultural debts in the current climate

How can agricultural businesses, with their focus on long-term relationships, manage debts in the current economic climate?
19 August 2016

Pokemon Go: legal implications for landowners and occupiers

So what is all the fuss about the current craze of Pokémon hunting, and why should landowners and occupiers, in particular, care about the new game? 
17 August 2016
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