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HSE wrong to issue a Prohibition Notice

We look at a recent case and explore how the HSE was wrong to issue a Prohibition Notice without first giving the recipient an opportunity to prove that safety was not at risk.
06 August 2014


Parent Company Liability

A parent company can be liable for the health and safety breaches of its subsidiary. This article looks at when this duty arises and what factors you should be considering in order to manage the risk.
14 July 2014

Investigatory reports liable to be used as evidence in subsequent proceedings

Transport: a recent court decision supports the view that independent agencies' reports provide valuable analysis of the facts and so can and should be used in subsequent court proceedings.
14 March 2014


Quaystone newsletter ; March 2014

Our construction and engineering newsletter highlights the Court of Appeal's decisions' relevance to the construction industry and an update on 'Health and Safety Executive' thinking.
24 February 2014


Should schools be liable for failings of third party contractors?

This article looks at Woodland v Essex County Council [2013]UKSC 66 where a 10 year old girl suffered severe brain damage during a swimming lesson organised by her school but provided by a contractor.
22 November 2013

Safety of land on which children may play – and who is liable for injury

A points decision? The Court of Appeal has overturned a judgment against a council found liable for an injury sustained when a child punched a water fountain.
21 November 2013


Fire and Emergency Services ; safety law applies in the firezone

The Fire Service, Police and other Emergency Services should identify risks in the areas in which they operate such as Health and Safety laws when putting officers into dangerous situations.
12 September 2013


New Coroner's rules to streamline inquests now in force

New Coroner’s (Inquest) Rules came into force on 25 July 2013, marking the first significant overhaul to the coroner’s system in our lifetime.
05 August 2013


Judicial Review, Public Interest Immunity and Coroners

In the latest fallout from the death of Alexander Litvinenko, the government has convinced the Administrative Court to exclude interested persons from the Judicial Review relating to document release.
30 July 2013

When adventures go wrong

Who bears the liabilities related to engaging in hazardous activities for fun? We consider the recent case of Wilson v Clyne Farm Centre
13 June 2013
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