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The Burges Salmon Pensions Pod

In this podcast series we consider topical issues, the latest pensions news and insights and practical tips to help trustees and employers navigate the ever changing pensions landscape
18 January 2022

Government acts on its call for evidence regarding pensions tax relief administration

We take a look at the Government’s proposals in relation to net pay arrangements and what they mean for employers of the lowest paid
10 January 2022

Increase in Normal Minimum Pension Age: for the many but not the few?

Normal minimum pension age will increase to 57 in 2028.  We look at the latest proposals and ask what trustees can do now to prepare
06 January 2022

A Brexit hangover and what it means for PPF compensation

We examine what impact the Court of Justice of the European Union decisions in Hampshire v PPF and PSV v Bauer will have on PPF compensation post-Brexit
20 December 2021


Webinar on-demand: Group Corporate Activity - When will TPR’s new powers apply

In this webinar, we consider the Pension Regulators new powers to police corporate activity and how employers, trustees and advisers can ensure they stay out of jail
16 December 2021

Pensions law: On the horizon

To help you keep abreast of the forthcoming changes in pensions law, we have prepared a tracker of key recent and future developments
14 December 2021

GMP equalisation exercises - some help for beleaguered trustees

PASA has published a raft of new guidance to help schemes tackle their GMP equalisation exercises.  We highlight some key next steps for trustees from the guides
10 December 2021


Pensions Law Summary - Notifiable Events

In this summary, we discuss the current notifiable events regime, proposed extensions for employers and changes to the reporting process
19 November 2021

Increased climate change reporting requirements for occupational pension schemes

In this article we look at the DWP consultation on Climate and investment reporting and what the practical implications of this will be for schemes, trustees and advisers
16 November 2021


Webinar on-demand: Counter fraud update for the pensions sector

In this session, we discuss the Pensions Regulator’s anti-fraud work, how schemes can protect themselves, and legal options if a scheme falls victim to fraud
08 November 2021

TPR’s draft cyber controls module: an analysis with a view to the future

An analysis of the Pensions Regulator’s draft Single Code of Practice as it relates to cyber controls along with our thoughts as to what it is missing
13 October 2021

Case study

Pensions Casebook - The EIP Group Pension Scheme

This case summary forms part of the Burges Salmon Pensions Regulatory Casebook. We provide analysis including practical considerations and high level commentary
07 October 2021
Showing 1-12 of 237 results
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