30 June 2023

Emma Mitchell and Molly Taylor joined Burges Salmon as Legal Apprentices in 2022 following their completion of A-levels. As solicitors of the future, Emma and Molly share some of their reflections of the working world so far.

Whilst we are privileged to have grown up in a society which has come a long way in terms of gender equality, challenges persist and there is both work and improvement to be made. That being said, it is crucial to highlight the positive experiences.

We feel lucky that Burges Salmon is an employer that strives to address this. Being named as The Times Top 50 Employer for Gender Equality for the third year in a row, shows their great efforts in providing an inclusive workplace. In addition, the firm’s Gender Action Plan as well a gender ERG network (BBalanced) helps support balance in career progression, focuses on issues related to all genders and helps identify ways to improve balance in senior and leadership roles.

Since day one, not once have we felt our gender has hindered opportunities. From the application stage to assessment centres, training and induction process, through to equal access to great work and experience-building opportunities, Burges Salmon shows first-hand how gender equality in the legal profession should be.

Being young female professionals, it is always encouraging to see the growth of senior roles occupied by women and empowering to work with women who thrive in leadership roles, whilst also, for some, embracing the commitments of family life.

The firm’s culture allows us to feel comfortable and open about being a woman - not only accepted but fully celebrated. For anyone looking to work at Burges Salmon, we can assure you that no matter your gender, you will be very welcome.

For further information on BBalanced and the firm’s other diversity and inclusion networks, please visit our careers pages here

For more information on the firm’s approach to inclusion, please visit our career pages here

Written by Emma Mitchell and Molly Taylor.

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