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Experiencing international work as a trainee solicitor

Throughout my training contract I have had significant exposure to different types of international clients as well as working with lawyers from overseas firms.

By Simon Mercouris
06 March 2017


How does a private client team fit into a commercial law firm?

Commercial law firms often have large private client teams, but they can't always publicise their work. How do private client lawyers fit into a commercial firm?

By Andrew Kerr
24 February 2017


How to use non-legal work experience in your training contract application

Here's how I used my non-legal work experience in my training contract application to show I had the skills to be a lawyer.

By Siobhan Lewis
20 February 2017


A seat in family law

A seat in the family law team offers a high level of responsibility, plenty of client contact and the opportunity to develop a broad range of skills.

By Charlotte Holgate
10 February 2017


Networking: a beginner's guide for aspiring lawyers

Networking is an important part of your career progression as a lawyer. Here's why you should start practising your networking skills sooner rather than later.

By Frances Shipsey
08 February 2017


A seat in employment

I spent the second seat of my training contract in the firm’s employment department. Here’s what I learnt...

By Daniel Hogg
27 January 2017


My five favourite things about living in Bristol

There’s always something going on in Bristol and completing a training contract at Burges Salmon gives you the opportunity to make the most of it.

By Alex Gillespie
20 January 2017


A seat in the construction department

Sitting in the construction team has been a great experience. Here's why I'd recommend this seat to anyone...

By Emma Forbes-Stocken
13 January 2017


Taking the non-law route to a training contract

Half of my trainee intake didn't study law as a degree subject. Here are my top tips for studying the GDL.

By Nicola Turley
06 January 2017


What distinguishes one big commercial law firm from another?

This is a common question among training contract applicants. Here's a hint – it's not international clients or full-service capabilities.

By Mathew Keller

30 December 2016


The social committee at Burges Salmon

Being part of the social committee has allowed me to meet a wide range of people at all levels and in all areas of the firm.

By Sarah Carter
23 December 2016


Strictly Legal: The Trainee Dance Group

Six sassy couples and four fearless groups took part in Burges Salmon’s charity dancing event which raised money for Julian House.

By Olivia Ward
09 December 2016
Showing 49-60 of 75 results
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