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Selling sunsets and solar parks in real estate

This blog gives an idea of what to expect as a trainee in the real estate department
18 May 2021


Social mobility at Burges Salmon: an apprentice's perspective

In this blog, legal apprentice Gareth Parfitt discusses what social mobility means to him and how Burges Salmon is working to improve social mobility within the firm.
14 April 2021


Five mistakes (most) trainees make – and how to avoid them

Harrison Folland advises on how to avoid the top 5 most common trainee mistakes
13 April 2021


How the Burges Salmon's work experience programme helped me to obtain a career in law

Francesco explains how the Bright Sparks work experience programme helped him to obtain a career in law
13 April 2021


Diversity and inclusion at Burges Salmon: a trainee's perspective

In this blog, trainee solicitor Vishal Babu, discusses the traction built around the topic of diversity and inclusion over the years and his experience of diversity and inclusion at Burges Salmon
09 April 2021


Fundraising for the charity theme of the year

An insight into fundraising for the charity theme of the year
22 March 2021


A (virtual) seat in Projects

This blog provides an insight into the day of a Projects trainee 

02 March 2021


The first working day of 2021 in the life of a Dispute Resolution trainee

This blog provides an idea of the type of work a trainee in the Dispute Resolution department may undertake

15 February 2021


Keeping up with colleagues (virtually)

In this blog, trainee Emily Clarke shares her experience on keeping up with colleagues virtually
03 February 2021


Things to know and do as a new apprentice

Find out Albi's top tips on things to know and do as a new apprentice



25 January 2021


Moving from London to Bristol – what is it really like?

In this blog, trainee David Sherafati shares his experience of moving from London to Bristol 
19 January 2021


Trainee life working from home

An insight into life working from home as a trainee
21 December 2020