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Corporate mentoring and my legal career

During my training contract, I have been involved with IntoUniversity's mentoring scheme. I explain my role as a mentor and the positive effects on my legal career.

By Holly Webb
25 April 2017


A seat in real estate disputes

Complementary seats add an extra dimension to your training contract. I followed up a transactional seat in real estate with a seat in real estate disputes.

By Kathryn Smith
12 April 2017


What's it like working as a trainee solicitor?

A training contract will have challenging moments: complex points of law and demanding projects. As part of the trainee team, you work together.

By Owen Jones
04 April 2017


How does a law degree prepare you for a career in commercial law?

Many embarking on a law degree do so with the intention of becoming a solicitor. How does a law degree prepare you for a career in a commercial law firm?

By Molly Paatz
24 March 2017


Insight day FAQs: everything you need to know before you attend

Why should I attend an insight day? What can I do to prepare? Resourcing specialist Grace answers your insight day FAQs.

By Grace Gough
17 March 2017


What does a sector-focused approach mean for your training contract?

Having a sector-focused approach throughout my training contract has helped build my commercial awareness and develop transferable skills.

By Lizzy Rowlands
13 March 2017


Experiencing international work as a trainee solicitor

Throughout my training contract I have had significant exposure to different types of international clients as well as working with lawyers from overseas firms.

By Simon Mercouris
06 March 2017


How does a private client team fit into a commercial law firm?

Commercial law firms often have large private client teams, but they can't always publicise their work. How do private client lawyers fit into a commercial firm?

By Andrew Kerr
24 February 2017


How to use non-legal work experience in your training contract application

Here's how I used my non-legal work experience in my training contract application to show I had the skills to be a lawyer.

By Siobhan Lewis
20 February 2017


A seat in family law

A seat in the family law team offers a high level of responsibility, plenty of client contact and the opportunity to develop a broad range of skills.

By Charlotte Holgate
10 February 2017


Networking: a beginner's guide for aspiring lawyers

Networking is an important part of your career progression as a lawyer. Here's why you should start practising your networking skills sooner rather than later.

By Frances Shipsey
08 February 2017


A seat in employment

I spent the second seat of my training contract in the firm’s employment department. Here’s what I learnt...

By Daniel Hogg
27 January 2017