08 May 2024

Welcome to Risk Rewired, the essential fortnightly podcast for anyone involved in the energy sector. Join us as we engage with industry professionals and our seasoned energy disputes team, delivering invaluable insights and practical solutions for managing risks and resolving disputes in energy projects. Whether you’re developing, constructing, managing, operating, or advising, Risk Rewired is tailored for you as we cover topics including negotiation challenges, contract relief strategies, project risks, dispute management, and the latest trends in energy disputes.

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You can also find further insights in our Energy Disputes Guide considering risk across an energy project lifecycle, available to download now.

Episode 2 - What makes energy disputes different? A look at construction and operation phase disputes

In this episode, Richard Adams and Gregor Hayworth discuss what makes energy dispute different from disputes on non-energy projects, with a particular focus at the construction and operation phase. They address different types of dispute that may arise across process, solar, and off-shore projects. Understanding the technology is essential to properly understand how to manage, mitigate and resolve disputes when they arise.   

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Episode 1 - Navigating energy project negotiations: Risk mitigation from inception

In the first episode of Risk Rewired, Jessica EvansAlec Whiter and Laura Sharples explore the inception of an energy project, focusing on key issues that arise during project negotiations and strategies for identifying and mitigating risks at the early stages.

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Listen to the trailer for Risk Rewired, where Richard Adams, partner in our Energy Disputes team introduces the podcast and shares his thoughts on what you can expect from the series.

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