08 January 2015

The Green Deal Finance Company (TGDFC) has confirmed to the press that it considers voluntary liquidation to be highly unlikely.

In July 2014, TGDFC wrote to its investors to say that it may be forced into voluntary liquidation. Worries that TGDFC may be unable to underwrite Green Deal loans have caused concern among Green Deal Providers and cast some doubt over the viability of the Green Deal model.

Industry has speculated that lower than expected demand for the Green Deal was at the heart of TGDFC’s financial problems. However, recent data reportedly shows that demand for the Green Deal is gaining momentum. The chief executive, Mark Bayley, has stated that “It is business as usual at the moment and this is a story of growth. We are now agreeing up to 1.2m green deal [financing] plans a week and are looking at how to fund future growth for 2015 and 2016.”

According to a spokesperson, voluntary liquidation is unlikely and there remains strong support from investors.

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Michael Barlow

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