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Supreme Court concluded that the Court does have the power to grant ''newcomer'' injunctions

A newcomer injunction could now be granted against those who are “truly unknowable at the time of the grant” and who have yet to perform the acts complained of
29 December 2023

Publication of the heat network zoning consultation document 2023

Pursuant to the Energy Act 2023, DESNZ has published a consultation document on heat network zoning in England, which invites interested parties to submit representations by 26 February 2024
22 December 2023

How can employers prepare for new duty to take reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment?

Employers will be under a new duty to take positive steps to prevent sexual harassment. Below we consider the duty and provide guidance on what those steps might look like
21 December 2023

High Court ruling considers limitation periods in public contract direct awards

This case highlights the importance of correct application of limitation periods under Regulation 93 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015

21 December 2023

Should marriage revoke a Will in the modern world?

As the Law Commission's consultation into revocation of Wills by marriage closes, we explore the current legal framework, past discussions, and next steps
20 December 2023

Plead it or drop it - unpacking conduct within financial remedy proceedings

This article considers conduct in financial remedy proceedings in light of the recent judgment of Mr Justice Peel
18 December 2023

November 2023 Pensions law round up

November was a month of firsts – this month’s newsletter includes reports on the first Pensions Ombudsman decision to consider the 2021 Transfer Conditions Regulations and the first DB superfund transaction. There’s also our reaction to the pensions elements of the Autumn statement, as well as the usual round up of other key pensions law developments and news
18 December 2023

Are electronic Wills the future?

As the Law Commission's consultation into electronic Wills closes, we explore the current legal framework, past discussions, and next steps
15 December 2023

Lewis Hamilton loses EU trade mark appeal against watchmaker Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton not sufficiently well-known across EU to gain the special protection afforded to famous people applying for a trade mark in their own name
13 December 2023

Online Safety Act – Who does it apply to?

The Online Safety Act is far-reaching and aimed to capture a wide range of services. Here, we summarise who is caught by the scope of the Act
11 December 2023

What does the Online Safety Act mean for fraudulent advertising?

The Online Safety Act is the UK’s new comprehensive legislation intended to ensure the safety of online users. One of the ways OFCOM intends to enact the legislation is by tackling fraudulent advertising online
07 December 2023

The Procurement Act 2023 receives Royal Assent - so what now?

In this note we summarise the latest position on implementation of the Procurement Act 2023 and how we can help you navigate the transition to the new procurement regime
06 December 2023

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