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Brexit news: EU domain names under the spotlight

Under current regulations, UK individuals and businesses are entitled to register and use websites using the .eu domain. This right may disappear post-Brexit.

03 May 2018

Trade mark case: Birkenstock loses protection for its 'patterned sole' UK trade mark

This case reaffirms the difficulty in defending a sub-brand (or unconventional) trade mark and provides guidance to brand owners on how to evidence acquired distinctiveness.

24 April 2018

Shorter trials scheme: L'Oréal successful in patent and designs case

L’Oréal wins skincare device case using shorter trials procedure pilot scheme.
27 March 2018

EasyRoommate: easyGroup's trade mark litigation is not so 'easy' after all

The High Court has dismissed a groundless threats claim made against easyGroup and has rejected easyGroup’s counterclaim for trade mark infringement and passing off.
08 February 2018

Popular expired domain names are being re-registered for the sale of counterfeit goods

A research report run by the EUIPO has found that counterfeit organisations are infringing brand owners intellectual property rights (IPR) through the use of domain names.
28 November 2017

Copyright protection for TV formats: new guidance from UK High Court

The High Court has affirmed that television formats are potentially eligible for copyright protection under UK copyright law as 'dramatic works', even if the format contains elements of spontaneity.
20 November 2017


Bristol TechFin: demystifying the future of technology and financial services

There is a real need to demystify the tech infrastructural challenges and opportunities. We sum up the buzz from the inaugural Bristol TechFin – where the only constant is change.
16 November 2017

IP update: three things you need to know about the October 2017 changes

On 1 October 2017, several changes came into effect in relation to EU trade marks. The Intellectual Property “Unjustified Threats” Act is also now force. We summarise the key points.
30 October 2017

Sales of counterfeit products thrive on social media

Independent research from the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has identified how social media platforms exacerbate the sale of counterfeit goods online.
02 October 2017

Press release

Burges Salmon broadcasts BBC appointment

Burges Salmon is now responsible for all UK and EU trade mark applications and registrations for the BBC and BBC Worldwide.
21 September 2017

Sale of grey market goods is a criminal offence confirms Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has confirmed that grey market goods fall under the protection of section 92 Trade Marks Act 1994 and infringers may now face criminal liability.
25 August 2017

IP Enterprise Court rejects 'own name' defence for pets

Azumi Limited, owner of London's ZUMA Japanese restaurant, has successfully brought a trade mark infringement claim against Zuma’s Choice Pet Products Limited.
02 August 2017

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