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Webinar: Cyber security for pension schemes - the blue hats and the red hats

In this webinar, first broadcast on 20 April 2023, we focused on the preventative (blue hat) and reactive (red hat) measures which can reduce cyber risk for pension schemes

26 April 2023


Meet the Adjudicator panel discussion

26 May 2023


Managing Difficult Long Term Absence Issues: panel discussion (Bristol)

25 July 2023


National Security and Investment Act: Where Are We Now?

In this webinar we reflect on key aspects of the regime and practical tips for investors and companies
31 July 2023


A Pensions Webinar for Employers

In this webinar, we explore current pensions issues from the Employer’s point of view
05 June 2023


How can NHS procurement be improved: an expert briefing

An expert panel event exploring ways in which the NHS can minimise waste and learn lessons from the pandemic about improving future procurement processes

06 June 2023


Planning for Infrastructure in Wales 2023

Hear about planning for future infrastructure, exploring evolving policy reform, grid network policy frameworks and meeting net zero for future generations
17 August 2023


Connecting Projects to the Grid conference 2023

Creating a flexible and reliant network via tech and innovation, exploring plans for network improvements with insight on co-location, digitalisation and energy storage
26 April 2023


Investment Readiness Toolkit: Milestone 8 – Establish Legal Contracts and Closing

A panel of project developers share their insight and experiences on Milestone 8, ‘Establish Legal Contracts and Closing’.

26 October 2023


Webinar: Employing overseas nationals in the UK - an introductory guide for employers

In this on-demand webinar, we provide an overview of key immigration routes for UK employers looking to employ overseas nationals, as well as sharing tips on complying with UK immigration law, including the prevention of illegal working
27 November 2023


Webinar: How to manage risk in philanthropy

In the second webinar in our philanthropy series, we look at how to manage risk in philanthropy
29 November 2023


Planning and Compulsory Purchase Webinar Series 2023

In this series we cover a range of topical issues led by planning and compulsory purchase specialists
13 December 2023