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High Court opens up blocking injunction remedial avenue for trade mark owners

What are the circumstances in which internet service providers can be made to block access to websites selling counterfeit goods? Arnold J has provided some answers in his judgment in a recent case.
04 November 2014


Financial Services Series; Issue 12

In this edition of Financial Services Series, we look at developments around interest rate mis-selling and a recent case of relevance.
30 October 2014


Why lawyers doing the best for their clients may be struck off if they mislead the Court

In-house solicitors need and want to do the best for their internal clients. But this can conflict with their duties to the court in a dispute or prosecution.
22 October 2014


Specsavers v Asda: use of Shaded logo is genuine use of Wordless logo

In the ongoing Asda case, the Court of Appeal overturned the revocation of Specsavers’ Wordless logo mark, ruling that the use of its Shaded logo mark amounts to genuine use of its Wordless logo mark.
22 October 2014

Could notifying an insurer of a claim cover associated regulatory proceedings?

Businesses notifying potential negligence claims to their insurers may anticipate that the same events could lead to other claims or costs.
21 October 2014

A defendant's refusal to mediate can be unreasonable... even if the claim has no merit

Under what circumstances are you entitled to your costs of the litigation? We look at the case of Northrup Grumman v BAE Systems.
20 October 2014

Will the court force a disintegrating partnership to sell assets to one partner?

Partnerships which are breaking up face a series of urgent problems – particularly where the business itself is becoming insolvent.
16 October 2014

Case update: loss of Chance – Chweidan v Mischon de Reya

The recent case of Chweidan v Mischon de Reya is a good example of how the principle of loss of opportunity can reduce an apparently high value claim to a relatively modest damages award.
15 October 2014


Property litigation caselaw update

Our property litigation caselaw update contains a synopsis of five recent cases impacting upon real estate and lender issues.
09 October 2014

Disk Raiders – inspecting devices for evidence of tampering

What can you do if you suspect that a party on the other side has fabricated electronic documents, including emails and invoices? 
07 October 2014


Bribery calls: $770m AgustaWestland helicopter deal was cancelled by Indian government

India's Ministry of Defence has sought to "terminate with immediate effect" a $770 million deal with AgustaWestland for supplying 12 transport helicopters due to allegations of bribery and corruption.
03 October 2014

Plant and animal health agency brings together government inspectorates

The government is merging four of Defra’s Food and Environment Research Agency inspectorates with the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency to form a new combined agency.
01 October 2014

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