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Part 2 of the National Food Strategy: Making the best use of UK farmland

In this third instalment of our mini-series on Part 2 of the National Food Strategy, we consider Henry Dimbleby’s recommendations for the transition to sustainable farmland with a view to achieving the Government’s target of ‘net zero’ emissions by 2050
17 March 2022

High Court gives short shrift to request for stay of injunction for rebranding

In what may ultimately be perceived as a strategic coup, the High Court grants VAGISAN a 3-week stay to facilitate rebranding pending the outcome of an application for permission to appeal
17 March 2022

Case study

The challenges of enhancing the value of rural land

We value working with clients to understand their perspective on important issues such as how to enhance the value of rural land in a world where Natural Capital perspectives are bringing new opportunities.

16 March 2022

Transforming Public Procurement: Part 3

What’s the future of bid challenges?
16 March 2022

Part 2 of the National Food Strategy: Reducing diet-related inequality

In the second part of our mini-series on Henry Dimbleby's long-awaited National Food Strategy Part 2, we consider the objectives to eliminate food inequality and considerations for the food industry
15 March 2022

The Road to the Pensions Dashboard

The DWP has published its Pensions Dashboard proposals. We look at the key decisions for trustees and managers to ensure compliance
14 March 2022

Press release

Burges Salmon advises Inverleith LLP on majority stake in Farmison & Co

The firm’s Corporate Finance team has advised Inverleith LLP on the acquisition of a majority stake in the premium online butcher

11 March 2022

Press release

Burges Salmon named as supplier on Crown Commercial Service's Rail Legal Services Panel

Firm announces that it has secured a position on the recently awarded Rail Legal Services Panel

10 March 2022


Death and Taxes: a Private Client podcast

In our new podcast series 'Death and Taxes', we discuss the latest developments and issues facing private clients and their advisers
10 March 2022

Press release

Trudy Harrison MP confirms legislation to ensure the safe deployment of self-driving vehicles

Minister for Transport confirms legislation will be brought forward to ensure safe deployment of self-driving vehicles across UK
09 March 2022

Government to Consult on Extension of ‘No Gain, No Loss’ Window

In this article we consider the recent recommendation that the 'no gain, no loss' window be extended, and the implications for separating or divorcing spouses
09 March 2022

Transforming Public Procurement: Part 2

What’s the future of public procurement routes in the UK?
09 March 2022

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