Working with suppliers means collaborating to build trusted relationships and having confidence in the standards to which our suppliers operate.

These supplier relationships are important to us and align with our values, as well as helping to maintain shared reputations, security of supply and operating standards. Supplier relationship management helps to assure us, our clients and other stakeholders that standards are upheld within our supply chain.

We have supplier assessment and performance measurement processes so that our key suppliers are carefully selected and measured, against clear criteria, whilst extending influence down the supply chain.

More information on our supplier due diligence and relationship management is detailed in our Modern Slavery Statement.

We are an accredited Living Wage Employer and we believe that those working in our supply chain deserve fair pay, just as those working at our firm do.

We will not work with suppliers whose values and business practices would adversely impact or reflect on our reputation or culture.

We expect our suppliers to:

  • Uphold values that correspond with those of Burges Salmon within their organisation
  • Demonstrate that diversity and inclusion is a priority and that there is an inclusive culture within their organisation in which people are treated fairly, respected and supported regardless of gender, race, age, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation, disability or any other protected characteristic
  • Demonstrate commitment to achieving sustainable and ethical business practices. This ensures that products and services have been delivered with due consideration for good labour practices, sourcing, energy efficiency, waste reduction, recycling and sustainability
  • Take a proactive approach to continuous improvement/agile thinking, engaging with the Supplier Performance Improvement programme where appropriate
  • Be aware of the Modern Slavery Act, confirm their commitment to take action against Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking and to be responsive to our due diligence requests
  • Be aware of Part 3 of the Criminal Finances Act 2017, confirm their commitment to a zero tolerance approach to the facilitation of tax evasion and not commit any offences under that Act
  • Identify and focus on the following standards: quality management, information security, business continuity and environmental management. Attainment of ISO certification or as a minimum alignment to these standards (ISO: 9001, 27001, 22301 & 14001) is a desired requirement
  • Show respect for their community, the environment, their people and those affected by the production or sourcing of goods and materials, and
  • Respect the confidentiality of all our clients.

We will:

  • Deal with suppliers in a professional and courteous manner
  • Work with them to achieve a collaborative, sustainable relationship
  • Where possible, reward suppliers demonstrating high-performance levels with opportunities for future business
  • Where possible, engage with supplier diversity networks to collaborate and learn from each other
  • Listen to feedback from suppliers on our performance, acting on it where performance standards are below expectation
  • Support suppliers in attainment of appropriate ISO certification and the benefits that follow
  • Give due consideration to environmental issues in supplier and product selection and supplier performance management
  • Consider suppliers’ approach to social and environmental matters (i.e. Corporate Social Responsibility, Responsible Business and Diversity and Inclusion) as a criterion when reviewing tender submissions, and
  • Apply the principles of this charter consistently to all Burges Salmon suppliers.