When it comes to technology we are not simply jumping on the bandwagon. Our focus is clear: providing a service that our clients really value.

Our approach to innovation and client solutions

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Collaboration Collaboration is not only one of our core values, it is also a key differentiator in terms of our approach to legal service delivery.
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Efficiency We have invested in collaborative technologies, machine learning and automation tools to ensure we are equipped with the right tool kit to meet clients requirements.

Technology solutions

We take time to understand our clients' needs and provide solutions that suit each matter. It is the way we use technology that is truly innovative. Our legal and technology innovation specialists work with our lawyers and clients to find bespoke solutions to meet current and evolving business problems. 

Below are some examples of the solutions we have developed.

Burges Salmon clientspace

Burges Salmon clientspace, powered by HighQ, provides a secure environment that enables us to work cohesively with clients, delivering efficiency, transparency, speed and ease of access to documents and key information. 

Burges Salmon clientspace offers a round the clock platform for collating documents and key information, allocating actions, compiling risk information and securely sharing content with clients and other parties. 

Compliance Tool

Designed to support organisations with monitoring and managing their compliance obligations, our compliance tool provides a single source of truth for your compliance obligations and streamlines compliance management. Features include an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, automatic task allocation capabilities, built-in data visualisations and intelligent reporting, ensuring organisations stay on top of compliance. 

Employment Hub

We worked with a key client to improve efficiency in the way we deliver advice relating to employment work. 

The aims were simple: reduce client and firm time; increase first-time data accuracy; and improve collaboration and transparency on progress and fees.

The solution - a portal, available 24/7 that holds all relevant documentation, availability calendars, status tracking and full case details. 

The result - over 550 logins by the client during the first 2 months of use, saving hours on lengthy telephone calls and emails. 

Due Diligence Hub

We designed a due diligence tool, hosted via Burges Salmon clientspace that allows multiple lawyers to work on due diligence at the same time. It ensures consistency, highlights key legal and commercial risks, improves the method of delivery and offers clear reporting functions.


We designed a tool to deliver real estate finance transactions more efficiently for our banking clients.