BCultured is our network focused on ethnic diversity, established in 2018. BCultured aims to promote ethnic diversity and inclusion across all areas of the firm. In addition to supporting its members, the group has been instrumental in building awareness and developing more inclusive teams and processes at the firm.

Key projects:

  • Ethnic diversity reverse mentoring: BCultured members collaborated with the D&I Team to launch an ethnic diversity reverse mentoring programme. Each year senior leaders complete the mentoring programme, which is led by BCultured members.
  • Black History Month: BCultured hosts a series of firm wide events to mark Black History Month. Recently the group teamed up with clients Costain and SCS to run a session on the intersectionality between race, disability, neurodivergence and mental wellness.

What our people say...

Over the years, the legal profession has only really been accessible to, and penetrable by, a relatively small and specific group of people within society.  It is imperative that that an industry that has such a pervading effect on society is representative of the diverse range of people within it.  In the correct environment people networks can play an important role in embedding the values of diversity and inclusion within law firms, and provide an environment for people with shared characteristics and lived experiences to come together and support one another in navigating the profession.  It is essential that the focus on D&I within law firms is maintained, and people networks are an organic and fantastic way of ensuring that this remains the case. 
Marcus Walters, Director and co-chair of BCultured
My role as co-chair of BCultured has enabled me to play a major part in highlighting race and ethnic diversity issues, as part of the firm’s strategic commitment to diversity and inclusion. I would encourage others to join BCultured or any of the other BGroups to help promote diversity, inclusivity and social mobility both at the firm and with our external networks.
Tanya Allen, Brand & Design Manager and co-chair of BCultured
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