Our hybrid working model combines home working and working from the office. In our professional and progressive environment you are trusted to use your judgement and make sure you’re able to meet the needs of our clients and colleagues, whilst balancing work and home life.

We recognise that there are real benefits to working from home and working together in our offices. We typically foresee our people attending one of our offices on average 40% to 60% of the time. Although, you may prefer to spend more of your time in our offices, which is fine too. 

Our approach is based on a set of key guiding principles which are outlined below:

Burges Salmon Hybrid Working

Due to the needs of the business and our clients, there are a small number of roles where there is less flexibility around location. For example, our Front of House team are required to work in the office.

To find out more about how hybrid working operates across different departments, please get in touch with a member of the Resourcing team.

What our people say...

Burges Salmon has embraced a flexible and modern approach to hybrid working. Rather than prescribe a set number of office days, the firm empowers employees to exercise their judgement in how they manage their working schedule. So long as underlying principles of providing an excellent client service and a collaborative team environment are met, employees have a great degree of freedom in how, and where, they work. 

I have experienced first-hand the benefits of this hybrid working approach. Living in between the Edinburgh and Bristol Offices, I split my time between home working and visiting the two offices. A typical week may see me work from home 2-3 days a week, with the remainder in one of the offices.  However, this can vary depending on factors such as client needs, business events and departmental socials. The firm’s friendly and open work environment enhances the experience, with senior lawyers often checking in to make sure I never feel overstretched. The firm’s move to hybrid working is just another example of how Burges Salmon is placing its employees at the heart of the business. 
Ross Howells – Associate, Construction & Engineering
Currently, I have the option to work from home a couple of times a week, and to work in the office twice a week. It’s good to have that change of scenery and to see colleagues in person. The flexibility of a hybrid working model has been brilliant for me with a one year old – being able to work from home makes it easier to do the nursery drop off in the mornings and to spend more time with my daughter when she’s home from nursery. It helps massively with the juggling act of work/family life balance.
Amanda Leiu - Associate, Corporate
As a manager in the IT team, I was very happy to see the Firm adopt a hybrid working model.  This provides my team with the flexibility to excel in their roles whilst maintaining a good work/life balance.  Personally, the switch to hybrid working enables me to spend quality time with my family during the week.  It supports my wellbeing because I use my commute time to exercise and has improved collaboration using technology to engage with a wider range of people.  It is also nice to save money on my monthly train fare whilst knowing reducing my travel helps the environment - win win!
Lee Davey – IT Operations Manager, IT Leadership Team
I have a commute of over an hour at either end of my working day which means an early start and getting home fairly late in the evening. The hybrid working model means that on the days I do not attend the office I can enjoy a longer evening, attending regular exercise classes and doing other activities that I enjoy. This has had a positive impact on my health and wellbeing and makes simple life admin tasks also possible to complete during the week. I also enjoy more local walks on the days that I am working from home meaning I will often use local shops rather than that weekly trip to a supermarket!
Sally Short – Digital Learning Specialist, People Development