14 November 2023

Attending a selection event (sometimes called an assessment centre) may feel daunting, especially if it is your first one, but by having an overview of what to expect it may help relieve some of the nerves you may have. The day is a chance for you to show off the skills and attributes that you have to bring to the firm, so be yourself and enjoy it!

As some general advice for the day, ensure that you make a great first impression! It's important to dress smart and it's always a good idea to plan your outfit ahead of the day. Additionally, coming well prepared, with pens and note pads for example, will show your organisational skills. Finally, and probably most importantly, take care of yourself. Make sure to have breakfast and drink plenty of water to be able to give the day your best shot!

Your day will start with an introduction to the firm and an overview of the apprenticeship programme. During this time, there will also be an opportunity to speak to the current apprentices, this is a great chance to ask any questions and get a feel for what life as an apprentice is like. It’s important to be able to explain why you’d like to work at Burges Salmon, and this is a good time to hear firsthand experiences.

Following from the introduction, you will engage in a group task. The group task is fun, light-hearted and provides a great chance for you to show your commercial awareness and your ability to work collaboratively, a vital skill to demonstrate due to being one of the firm’s key values. This also allows time to get to know those within your group and begin building working relationships. Ensure that you are inclusive and that everyone has an opportunity to share their ideas, it is important to demonstrate that you’re a team player. The task will involve a fictional scenario which you will discuss amongst your group before presenting back to the observers. Remember, ensure you have read the task and understood it fully, attention to detail is key! Keep in mind that there is no wrong answer, the observers just want to see your teamworking and presenting skills.

Alongside the group task, you will be asked to complete a written exercise which will allow you to showcase your written skills. This will be timed so ensure keep your eye on the clock and leave time to check your work, again ensuring that you can show attention to detail! The task is split into two parts, with the first being an email-based task, allowing your written communication skills to be evidenced, followed by a prioritisation task. 

As part of the selection event, you will have an interview. Whilst it is inevitable that you will feel nervous, remember that this is simply an opportunity for the firm to get to know you, to ask why an apprenticeship is the route you’d like to take and why Burges Salmon is for you. There is no intention to trip you up, everyone is friendly and wants you to succeed! It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with who will be interviewing you, if possible, as it shows an interest in their role. One of the most important pieces of advice, I was given, was to ensure I have good knowledge of Burges Salmon, the work they do and their culture. By using the website, reading through blog posts, and engaging with the various social media platforms, you’ll be able to gain a great insight into life at the firm. 

It is a great achievement to have a successful application and, above all, to be proud of your hard work and the dedication it has taken to get this far! 

I wish you the best of luck!

Written by Molly Taylor. 

Applications for our 2024 legal apprenticeship programme are now closed however, applications for our 2025 legal apprenticeship will open on 2 September 2024. 

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