16 March 2022

The Summary

Burges Salmon are proud of their long-standing relationship with The Crown Estate’s Rural, Strategic and Windsor teams and this week the two organisations continued their latest series of transfer sessions with a roundtable discussion focused on the challenges that can arise when dealing with the enhancement in value of rural land. 

Using a real life case study, the very challenging issues that can face a rural landowner looking to implement a large-scale development were considered and discussed. 

The uplift in value that results means that rural landowners usually want to achieve such schemes, and the developing Natural Capital economy will create even more opportunities to do this. 

Why us?

The need for a solid landowner-occupier relationship and the benefits that can bring to all sides in terms of increasing trust, responsiveness and flexibility was emphasised and both teams were able to share examples of where that had worked, and situations where sometimes the relationship was lacking and progress was a lot more difficult.

The Crown Estate’s Senior Legal Counsel, Jane Dagnall, commented on the session: “The Crown Estate aims to be at the forefront of considering issues of land usage and our session was a great way to explore this issue with trusted advisers, given the way in which rural land usage is changing before our eyes. We all took something valuable away from the session.

Kevin Kennedy commented: “One of the key challenges we find is to ensure that we can understand where clients are coming from, and think and react to situations in a way that they might. Sessions like this, where we are able to discuss what we think about situations, are invaluable.”

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