Employment Law Webinar Series: Reducing Workforce Costs

In this live webinar series, employment law partner Katie Russell will discuss options available to employers on reducing workforce costs

18 June 2020

Following the easing of lockdown, talk has turned to restarts and reintegration. However, with future revenue levels very difficult to predict and the tapering furlough scheme placing an increasing financial burden on employers, many businesses will urgently need to reduce workforce costs.

Led by our new Employment Partner, Katie Russell, we are hosting two live webinars to help you navigate the options. Both webinars are free of charge to attend. Each webinar will run for approximately 45 minutes including a short Q & A session.

There will be an opportunity to submit questions during the webinars but if you would like to submit a question in advance there is a facility which allows you to do so on the webinar registration page.

Webinar 1: Reducing workforce costs – alternatives to redundancies

Given the difficult economic outlook, many employers, particularly those who have accessed the furlough scheme, will want to do all that they can to reduce costs in a way which preserves jobs. Often this will involve the need to make changes to the employment contract.

In this webinar we consider:

  • ways in which organisations can reduce workforce costs without resorting to redundancies
  • an overview of how to change terms and conditions of employment

Please note: this webinar was first broadcast on 16 June 2020. To watch the webinar on-demand, please do so using the button below.

Webinar 2: Reducing workforce costs - restructuring and redundancies

Regrettably for many organisations the current crisis will force their hand and redundancies will be a very real possibility in order to keep the business afloat.

Whether the redundancies are large-scale or few in number, employers keen to do the right thing will want to understand the legal framework which applies.

In this webinar we consider:

  • how to make redundancies fairly
  • how to implement a collective redundancy process
  • particular points to consider arising out of COVID-19
Please note: this webinar was first broadcast on 23 June 2020. To watch the webinar on-demand, please do so using the button below.

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