18 February 2015

Geert Dancet, Executive Director of the European Chemicals Agency 'ECHA' has issued a reminder to companies affected of some significant developments in chemicals regulation for 2015:

From 1 June 2015 the CLP Regulation will apply to the classification and labelling of both substances and mixtures. Earlier EU legislation will be repealed. Mr Dancet said, 'An enormous number of products must be re-labelled to comply with CLP, including consumer items such as paints or detergents, as well as industrial mixtures.'

From 1 September 2015 biocidal products consisting of, containing or generating a relevant substance cannot be placed on the EU market if the substance or product supplier is not included on the relevant Article 95 list for that product type.

31 May 2018 is the final deadline for application of REACH to substances made or imported between 1-100 tonnes per year. Mr Dancet added ,'We expect a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises will register for the first time, and large companies may have hundreds of chemicals in their portfolios to register.'

We have been covering these developments in successive editions of our chemical regulation and product stewardship update. For further information, please contact Michael Barlow, William Wilson or your usual Burges Salmon contact. You can also visit our REACH and Chemicals Regulations page.

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