19 August 2016

Social media has completely changed the way we all communicate with each other, providing the opportunity to share and receive ubiquitous images and posts of family, friends and loved ones – which is great.

However, with the advent of a new trend call “Facebragging” – where social media is used as a platform to brag about having an apparently “perfect life” – it’s not so great to see that it is beginning to contribute to an increased number of marital breakups.

With the very real issue of people now feeling under pressure to maintain a perfect image across social media platforms, there is increased strain on marriages and relationships from unhappy partners who are seeing the misrepresentation of “too good to be true” lives online and feeling dissatisfied with their own real lives.

There are of course many reasons why marriages and relationships break down and we are able to advise clients on the consequences and how to work through separation and divorce as constructively as possible.

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