26 October 2021

Independent UK law firm Burges Salmon is delighted to announce that it will support Bristol Local Food Fund (BLFF) in its Autumn 2021 Crowdfunding campaign.

Founded by Michael Lloyd-Jones in July 2020 during the first UK lockdown and run by volunteers, BLFF is aiming to raise £100,000 by 30 November 2021. Burges Salmon has already donated £10,000 towards this goal.

The campaign will give accessible, flexible funding to community food projects to help them fight food insecurity. Organisers will build on Bristol’s community response to COVID-19 and unite the city in tackling a problem that affects over 10,000 households.

Food insecurity is more severe for citizens in the more economically deprived areas of Bristol. It also disproportionately affects people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, disabled people, single parents and young people.

According Bristol City Council data, one in 20 households in Bristol experience ‘moderate to severe’ food insecurity, meaning they are unable to access enough good quality food to maintain healthy levels of nutrition. BLFF will set up longer-term funding streams to ensure a constant source of support to Bristol’s communities.

Forty of Bristol’s local independent food and drink businesses are offering rewards to the Crowdfunder to encourage donations. These include Harts Bakery, Better Food, Wiper and True, Hobbs Bristol Squeezed and Essential Trading.

Building on the firm’s long-standing commitment to responsible business, this partnership offers Burges Salmon an opportunity to achieve deeper collaboration with our communities and work together to end food insecurity.

Jamie Cameron, Senior Associate and Head of Community Engagement at Burges Salmon, comments: “We are excited to support the Bristol Local Food Fund’s new innovative and collaborative approach – working with partners all across the city and directly with communities and people affected by food insecurity. Our people raised £10,000, which we hope will help launch the Bristol Local Food Fund’s fundraising campaign to ensure that everyone has access to healthy affordable food.”

To donate to the Crowdfunder, please visit this page. You can also visit the Bristol Local Food Fund website to learn more.

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