10 January 2014

Burges Salmon’s Environment team has had an in-depth article published in leading European publication ERA Forum, the journal of the Academy of European Law.

The piece, entitled ‘Access to commercially sensitive environmental information’, focuses on the inherent tension between the right of EU citizens to access environmental information and the desire of the private sector to protect commercially sensitive information such as pricing structures or intellectual property. In England, the dividing line between these two competing interests has been explored in a number of cases, including the landmark case of the Office of Communications v the Information Commissioner. The article considers lessons that can be learned from the experience in the UK.

The article is based on a presentation that was delivered at the conference Access to documents and environmental information in the European Union’, which was organised by ERA and took place in Trier, Germany, last year.

ERA Forum is a quarterly legal journal published by the Academy of European Law in keeping with its mission to build understanding and promote good practice of European law. Articles published in the journal are drawn primarily from the most outstanding presentations delivered at ERA's conferences. The conference provides a 'market test’, ensuring the journal's quality and relevance. Frequently cited in other journals, ERA Forum is thoroughly European, from the composition of its editorial and advisory boards to the selection of its contributors.

Key contact

Michael Barlow

Michael Barlow Partner

  • Head of Environment
  • Head of Water
  • Head of ESG

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